A Life of Surrender & Serendipity

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Peaceful Magic Retreats

Immerse yourself in peace & align to your true nature. Your soul will be nurtured with powerful transformative processes, high-vibe food, nature and beautiful community.  This is a gentle way to transform and experience a life full of peace, ease, and magic.

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Peaceful Magic Planner

Use this Energetic Planner to experience flow, magic, self love and possibility as a way of being. Create from a peaceful heart and be a surrounded by magical moments every day.


Peaceful Magic Playbook
Marlo Nikkila

Balance Your Being

Begin a daily practice to awaken your energies, become your own healer, and let your energy work for you.

This is a guided practice you can do anywhere, anytime.

Begin Your Practice

Let Yourself Live a Magical Life.

Welcome to this peaceful and magical space where you get to take a deep breath, release what is weighing you down, and reclaim your energy. You are home.

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