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5 Day Online Retreat

Awaken Your
Inner Unicorn

During this Online Retreat, you'll learn & experience:


How to Rise Above the Noise

Understand the states of consciousness that keep all of us stuck in overwhelm, people pleasing, guilt and fear causing us to hide our magic. Live in the realm of possibility.


Let Yourself Live a Magical Life

Reconnect with the part of you that yearns to be joy*ful and play*full.  Experience wonder and awe. Rekindle your knowing that magic still exists in the world. Offer this as a gift you not only give yourself, but everyone around you.


Experience Peaceful Magic

Surrender and go from stress to sparkle. End the efforting, the "figuring it out," and trying to "make something happen." You will learn how to let resistance melt away and simply let life call you out to play and partner with it, only taking inspired action.  Understand that your ENERGY is far more potent than any technique you are doing.  You can rest knowing all is well.

Begins Oct 13 ~ Save Your Space

Come play! It's FREE!

Join us LIVE for 5 days in the Peaceful Magic Facebook group.

October 13-17, 2019

5:00 pm Pacific Time

For extra fun....attend LIVE and participate for the chance to win magical giveaways.

A Note From Marlo...

Hello Magical Friend.

I'm delighted to share this potent and powerful energy as you tune into your Inner Unicorn.

It's the same energy I tuned into when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, allowing me to move through it with so much grace, so much peace and SO MUCH MAGIC!

I share that with you to let you know this is deep, meaningful, playful and purposeful.

We will move beyond typical manifesting and mindset practices and BE the energy of pure peace and pure magic, bringing harmony to ourselves and our planet.

I invite you to join me in this peaceful and magical way of living.