Unicorn Goal Setting

The magic begins...








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Do you have a project, goal or intention that feels sticky? overwhelming? or even impossible?

OR maybe you just want a different way of co-creating that really honors all of you?

Enter the realm of planning and playing with the Unicorns.

Use this mini-retreat to experience goals in a new way.

S.M.A.R.T. goals, mindset, and even manifesting are clunky and outdated ways of living your purpose
and "getting things done."

Instead experience the magic of the Unicorns and what they are calling us into through surrender and serendipity!

You are invited to...


Go beyond mindset & manifesting. 

Say good-bye to typical ways of being with goals.  No more need for deadlines, accountability, strategizing to "make something happen."

Even say good-bye to visualizing, affirmations, vision boards, etc. (Yep! You read that, right!)

This is goal setting from an entirely different dimension.

By tapping into delight, remaining open to surprises, and letting go of where you want life to take you, you will surrender to the mysterious, tender forces of goodness that is always present, if we listen and surrender.


Surrender & Serendipity

Surrender and go from stress to sparkle. End the efforting, the "figuring it out," and trying to "make something happen." You will learn how to let resistance melt away and simply let life call you out to play and partner with it, only taking inspired action.  Understand that your ENERGY is far more potent than any technique you are doing.  You can rest knowing all is well.


Purifying & Releasing

In this sweet space of inner alchemy and purification, you will be able to drop the veil and release whatever is weighing you down.    You will feel free to let life live through you and see what magic is available from this clean and clear space.


Activate Your Magic

Come with a goal or area of your life that you would like to be different.  Maybe it is a place that feels sticky, where you are stuck or struggling. 

Use this gathering as a way to get the energy flowing and embody surrender and be delighted by what opens up for you in a soft, relaxed, and playful way.

During our time together, you will be guided through powerful transformative practices that are gentle, playful yet potent ways to let peace and magic wash over you and allow resistance to melt away.

Why set goals with Unicorns?

Ummm... because they are awesome!

But just in case you need more than that, this is what they hold for us.


Unicorns are high-vibrational beings of light who encourage us to stand in self-mastery and live to our highest potential.


They encourage us to live with unbridled joy, love, peace and prosperity doing what we most love.


Unicorns love to help with bigger-picture, soul-purpose issues in our lives.


When you need guidance on taking steps towards your soul’s purpose and releasing blocks that are stopping you being in your power, the unicorns are brilliant support for this.


They love to remind us of our own magic and rejoice when we reconnect with childlike wonder, start getting excited about infinite possibilities and believe whole-heartedly in miracles.


Unicorns will steer you back onto your path of magic whenever you veer off into doubt, unworthiness or feel judged for believing in the invisible realms.


They want to see you shining your light, loving yourself, living from your magic and being a powerful force in the world.


They remind us that the "impossible" can actually be easy when you surrender, step aside and trust the magic of the Universe.


A Note From Marlo...

Hello Magical Friend.

I'm delighted to invite you into this potent, playful and powerful way of creating.

I used to be a professional organizer where I was a master of "getting things done" and helping others do the same.

And then that stopped working for me. I "hated" the word "goals" because of how I was taught about them so I completely let go of creating goals all together. 

Now since the Unicorns have shown up, there is upgraded version working with the higher dimensions and playing with the Unicorn energy so that we create from a very different place. It goes WAY beyond all the mindset and manifesting practices.

If this speaks to you, I hope you will join me in the next container of "Unicorn Goal Setting."