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Be More Playful Retreat

The Unicorns and I invite you to join with us for a special Surrender Adventure Retreat at Home and experience PURE and enLIGHTENED PLAY.

Experience a lighter, more playful way of being.

Turn stress into SPARKLES!


Step through the doorway to enchantment in the 5th dimension through the gift of play.

Return to your innocence and live with more wonder and awe in the unknown.

Releases your clinging to old structures and ideas of what being responsible is!

What if it is your responsibility to bring play back into your life and this world?

Activate your innovation, your creativity, your adventure, your individuality,

Say yes to adventure.

Say yes to yourself. 

Say yes to Play!

Come play in the realm of peace, joy, and harmony where all your needs are met and you experience every day life with lightness, play and magic!


We begin...








Save your space

Surrender allows you to travel through life in a peaceful and magical way.

Surrender Adventure Retreats at Home are the ONLY experience of its kind designed specifically for magical beings to master surrendering in a playful way.

Surrender is the highest state and MOST powerful practice you can do.

Living a life of surrender means...

No longer being hooked into hustle, pushing, forcing, controlling, and struggle.

Move beyond manifesting, mindset, and emotional processing.  

Stop focusing on what you want and what you don't want.

All of those are OLD and CLUNKY ways of being that only appeared to be working.

There is an elevated way of being, where you synchronize with nature and remember who you are.  

Surrender is a coming home.

It's a place where you listen to the whispers of your soul and let life be lived by you with a willingness to stop interfering with life  through the filters of your desires and fears.

This is where anxiety, fear and resistance dissolve.

You can live in the realm of peace, joy, freedom, and play!

We surrender and let the Universe work it's magic. This is when serendipity becomes available and life gets really really fun!

Come with me. 

I'll guide you to experience a lightness of being with peace and a lot of magic through surrender.  

You will come home to yourself.

"The Surrender Adventure was a life changer for me, I was able to shift my mindset from resistance and control, I realized things about myself I didn't even know were there. It was a beautiful experience with other beautiful souls as we watched each other grow and come together in a peaceful place within ourselves and with amazing tools at the end!! Cant wait for this next adventure!!!"

Dina Shaefer
Magical Being

We gather March 12-15

Registration ends March 5.

Day 1 :: Surrender Attunement with the Unicorns

We will trust the flow of what this group needs in the moment, following the three stages of surrender.

Day 2 :: Let it BE

Learn how to self-regulate and self- sooth yourself so you can experience deep peace no matter what is happening around you.  Quiet your thoughts. Be present and aware as you practice gentle surrender.

Day 3 :: Let it GO

Release and melt any resistance so you can begin to feel the freedom and lightness of being.  Play will bubble to the surface.

Day 4 :: Let it IN

Practice receiving and letting all the goodness, guidance and MAGIC in while celebrating your new mastery or surrender and serendipity.


"Before being a part of the Surrender Adventure I had checked all the boxes in life that everyone says need checked. But, I was unable to truly enjoy my life. I had become so skilled at hiding and remaining unseen. Even to myself. I was completely drawn to the Surrender Adventure because of the name. I had an amazing, beautiful life that was passing me by. If I could let go of some control and embrace an adventure I hoped I might find joy. Life had gifted me so many amazing people and experiences. I wanted to lean into them. Also, I had worked with Marlo before and she is pure magic. The Surrender Adventure seemed to be exactly what I needed. And it was. During the Adventure, I began breaking down the walls I used to hide behind. I also allowed myself to feel and to be seen. I gave up control. In all of the surrendering, I found my power. I found how I wanted to show up in the world. I also found amazing kindred spirits. Today, I still use the tools and information I learned during the Adventure. I can now experience the joy I’ve always wanted to feel. I also feel everything more deeply and while it may be uncomfortable at times, I’m more rooted in my life. My biggest takeaway has been trust. I trust that the flow of life always has my back, gently moving me forward, to more than I could have dreamed for myself. I am Home. "

Erin Wardell
Magical Being

Our Retreat Schedule

Friday, March 12 -- 5:00 pm to 8:00 PT,
with the day to prepare for your experience.

Saturday, March 13 -- 9:00-12:00 PT,
with the afternoon and evening to apply what you learned and be unplugged and other suggested ideas.

Sunday, March 14 -- 9:00 - 12:00 PT,
with the afternoon and evening to apply what you learned and be unplugged and other suggested ideas.

Monday, March 15 -- 9:00 - 12:00 PT,
with the afternoon and evening to fully integrate.

Join us for the next magical Surrender Adventure
Retreat at Home

March 12-15, 2020



Save your space for $444

What you will receive

  • Peaceful Magic Retreat Kit full of goodies will be physically mailed to you.
  • Guidance on how to prepare your space for a retreat.
  • Playful ways to include your family so they benefit, too.
  • 4 days of a retreat container for personalized activation and being unplugged from technology (except for our sessions.)
  • Small intimate group with up to 8 other magical beings.
  • 4 group sessions over zoom
  • Easy, 100% plant-based and YUMMY retreat meal recipes that people love when they come to an in-person retreat.
  • Activation with Unicorn energy.
  • Private Membership Site to access all the resources, free from facebook.
  • Plus delightful surprises along the way.


Why a Retreat at Home?

A retreat at home offers a really special gift.   It allows you to have a real life immersion where you can apply what you learn in the moment in a supportive and sacred container.

The highest technique to surrender is using LIFE and see where resistance and blockages exist. 

Being in the comfort of your own home can really prepare you to be peaceful and magical anywhere in the moment "real" life happens.

This is another expression and opportunity to really step into your mastery of surrender, with all the distractions of being home, while also creating a new energy vortex in your living space supporting everyone who lives with you.

And even though I am a BIG advocate of in person retreats, knowing you can experience an inner transformation without leaving your home is really powerful.

Jo is a beautiful example of what can happen when you do this work at home.

"As I read her email describing an upcoming online gathering entitled The Surrender Adventure, I knew I wanted to be part of that experience. Even before we started meeting online, I loved how the word Surrender felt and sounded. It somehow really connected with me. I had made so many incredible, positive changes in my life, throughout that year after a retreat at Marlo's space, but also recognized that I wasn’t quite where I felt I should or could be spiritually and emotionally. I knew I was resisting, still trying to control my own life, as well as controlling others. I was also fearful of both letting go of that control, and moving into the unknown. Through this amazing experience, I met some beautiful, amazing women, who were also ready, and willing to surrender. With each of us opening up our hearts, and sharing our feelings and thoughts, with Marlo facilitating the discussions, with just the right amount of encouragement, and thought-provoking questions, we all became incredible friends, who supported and encouraged one another, and grew in so many ways! It just so happened (no coincidence, I’m sure) that while I was involved with the Surrender classes, we were also having our hardwood floors redone. We had to move everything out of our house and I actually loved and appreciated all that open space! When we started moving things back in, I consciously evaluated whether or not I really wanted each item! We ended up with only about ½ to ⅔ of what was in the house previously, and the extra spaces that opened up felt amazing! At the same time, I was also really noticing that I was focusing more on paying attention to “clearing out” my head of unwanted “stuff!” I was releasing old patterns of behavior, negative and fearful thoughts and surrendering to just being! And that too, felt amazing! Another perfect example of how I was learning to surrender happened about mid way through our online classes. Unexpectedly, my husband suggested we go on a road trip. At first I was very reluctant to just go! I changed my mind, though, and said yes! So he and I, and our dog named Frank, just loaded up the car and traveled wherever we felt like going for three days! And it all worked out beautifully! Now that the online Surrender Adventure has been completed, I find myself Surrendering to life frequently! I totally surrendered to listening to my intuition and just “letting” things happen! I took a break from teaching yoga, spent more time with my husband, let my house get messy, took time to just sit and enjoy the outdoors, spent time at home, joyfully walked the dog, released the need to plan every event and moment, and learned how to with the flow, with an unexpected trip to Alaska with my sister even showing up! I feel so thankful, and joyful to have been a part of the Surrender Adventure with Marlo! She guided us through so many wonderful experiences including ways to surrender through the wonderful Energy Medicine Yoga, focusing on remembering to be playful, using repetitive affirmations, being underneath the doing, releasing the parts of us that no longer serve us anymore, and mostly to surrender to who we are. Marlo is truly a master of knowing what others want and need and helping each individual achieve those goals. I highly recommend The Surrender Adventure with Marlo to anyone who would like to become more in love with who they truly are and surrendering to the peace, magic and joy in each and every experience!"

Jo Elliot
Magical Being

Have questions?

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