Peaceful Magic Retreats

Surrender to Your Magic

Transform Struggle to Sparkle

It's time to come home.

Dec 5-9, 2019

Enter a peaceful place of enchantment designed specifically for healers.

This is a special, sacred, and safe place where the heavy weights are lifted from your heart.

It's the realm where you will experience wholeness, playfulness, physical rebirth and restored belief in yourself and the world.

Peace and magic will wash over you as you witness resistance melting away.

Enjoy this time and space where you will leave with a sense of calm clarity of who you are, what you want, and the next steps that are unique to you.

Welcome home.

Safe Sacred Space

Immerse yourself in peaceful magic  simply by BEING here. Your soul will be nurtured with high-vibe vegan food, nature and a beautiful community. This is a gentle way to transform and experience a life full of peace, ease, and magic.  This space has been crystal gridded around the entire 5 acres to be an extra special healing space for you.  

Container of Magic

When you enter this realm, time has a different meaning, energy is the focus, play is natural, deep connections are made, and you will experience a potent TRANSFORMATION. 

"After the retreat I feel like I have really cleared some big blockages, accelerating my own growth, received some amazing clear insights into next steps and am handling the challenges with more ease and resilience."

Claire Nakasue
Honolulu, Hawai'i

"Because of my experiences at the Peaceful Magic Retreat and my new soul sisters, I now have a new appreciation for my intuitive skills, I am making a meaningful difference in the lives of others and truly knowing, unconditionally loving, and completely accepting me for me! "

Jo Elliot
Story, Wyoming

"The most significant gifts I was given at the retreat with the cleaning, the dumping, and the filling. I was birthing a new me and a new way of being. I have never felt so deeply moved, rested and energized after being at a retreat and I have been to and led numerous retreats."

Debra Dailey
Spiritual Teacher & Guide

"My heart space is still warm and open to an abundance of attention and energy to business, and the fullness of life. I am gentler with myself, and I am still connected to the ladies I met there!"

Janelle Cline
Portland, Oregon

"Because of this retreat, I feel substantially lighter. The heavy, negative thought patterns have had time, space and support to release. I feel seen, heard, ad worthy of the life I have longed for. I feel a deeper sense of love and appreciation for my body as well as my point of view."

Brittney Murphy
Portland, Oregon

""Marlo’s continual attention to the flow of energy mindfully drawing from her rich bank of techniques to guide the group and allow each of us to set our intentions then watch them morph into so much more…abundantly. She has the unique ability to hold space for powerful transformation in a very peaceful setting. Her approach is subbtle, almost as if very little is happening, and then whaammmm… inner transformation!"

Lanna Dueck
Prescott, Arizona

"Marlo’s retreat offered me a way to transform what I already knew at a deeper level, and imprint the new life-affirming energy in an easy, unassuming way so that when I left and came home I realized I had shifted and had tools to continue the imprinting. It was subtle, it was fun, and it was an adventure!"

Pat Meier
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Peaceful Magic Retreat

Dec 5-8, 2019

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Retreat Rates:

Private Retreat (2 nights / 3 days)

Small Group Retreat: Max 8 people
(3 nights / 4 days)

Returning Retreat Fairy (3 nights/4 days)

Bring a Friend or Partner (3 nights / 4 days)
$2000 each

*payment plans available upon request

Enjoy Peace & Magic

  • Vegan, home-made meals and snacks.
  • Deep rest
  • Energy Medicine & Aroma Yoga
  • Aroma Freedom
  • Forest Bathing
  • Magical Meadows
  • Fairy Falls
  • Peaceful Path (Seasonal Spiral Labyrinth)
  • Bonus night for integration




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