Peaceful Magic Activation

Remember how  magical you are and experience freedom to be YOU during a private 90 minute Peaceful Magic session.

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  Peaceful Magic Activations are a gentle, playful yet potent way to let peace & magic wash over you and allow resistance to melt away.

These sessions are great anytime you find yourself feeling overwhelmed,  stuck or simply want to become more expansive in what you're creating.  This clears the way for you to really see the magic that is within you.


 Every session is personalized to you.


Let it BE - Let yourself be with yourself in a new way.
Let it GO - Let yourself release the resistance, the key to freedom.
Let it IN - Purify the space for all the magic that is here for you.


Identify, Transform and Transmute:

Negative Self-Talk

Emotional Triggers

Distressing Memories

Self-Sabotaging Behaviors



Bad Habits




Receive the following gifts quickly and easily with every session.

✨ Become crystal clear on your purpose and your path. 

 ✨ Remove mental blocks. 

✨ Release & integrate heavy emotional patterns.

✨Overcome doubt and procrastination.

✨ Quiet your mind.

✨Build confidence and trust in yourself. 

✨Ground your dreams into reality. 

✨ Become FREE to be yourself.

✨Let your Soul be fully expressed. 

✨Listen to and honor your inner wisdom. 

✨Move forward with inspired action. 

✨Know your purpose, your life's work, and the best way to offer your gifts.

✨Bring more fun, play and magic into your life.


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This is what you can expect during our time together.

A Magical Path Opens Up

In a gentle, step-by-step process you will dissolve negative thoughts, feelings and memories so a clear path opens to bring your dreams and goals to life.

We will use a blend of the Sedona Method, TAT, and Aroma Freedom, Gene Keys, Energy Medicine and Unicorn Healing.

Experience a Permanent Shift with Oils

Did you know that the sense of smell is the fastest way to shift an emotional state?

That's why we will use Young Living essential oils and a process called Aroma Freedom to trigger a permanent shift in how you view yourself & the world.

(Did you read that? Permanent shift!)

Magnetic Mantra

You will craft  a unique-to-you mantra and pair it with a  power pose (like this one) to fully embody this new way of being.  

Inspired Actions

You will know the exact next step that is simple and right for you. It is fueled from divine inspiration and  will help ground your dream into reality.   Whoohoo!

The oils created a nurturing portal into my heart.

My experience with Aroma Freedom using the oils with Marlo was one of the quickest emotional turnarounds that I have had in all my years of doing subconscious blockage removals. I was amazed at how the oils helped me to access an emotional memory that was keeping me blocked in my current life transition situation. I felt in my body why I was resisting making the decision to move forward in my life. I saw how I was replicating a situation of the past and how I could shift my perspective and approach and move forward with peace and excitement towards what I really want without the emotional resistance. Marlo was so intuitive in her facilitation through the process. It felt seamless and peaceful while exploring old painful memories. The oils created a nurturing portal into my heart to bring awareness to my conscious mind. The shift was 2 months ago and has been lasting. Amazing!

Cathleen King

Holistic PhysicalTherapist, Somatic Intuitive, Brain Retraining Coach


I am feeling so empowered and free!

Working with Marlo is a powerful, transformative gift. I had no idea how much would surface for me to integrate and bring more love to. I am feeling so empowered and free from my healing session with Marlo. I have worked with many healers and I work in the healing arts myself, so I am very discerning with whom I choose to work. Her energy is very clean and pure. I felt safe to express whatever came up, trusting the loving container Marlo holds. I am grateful to have found such a space for healing. If you feel drawn to this beautiful soul, you will be amazed how powerful a session with her can be.

With love and gratitude,

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner

The mantras we created during the sessions are still working in my life to this day.

I have been blessed to receive 2 Aroma freedom sessions with Marlo. The first one came from a giveaway promotion that I was the lucky winner of. (Marlo is incredibly gracious and generous with her gifts.)

In my experience at each session I had some very big obstacles in my psyche. Although I had done much work around the belief systems that created them, my body was still contracting in fear of the unknown and not allowing me to move forward on my path.

The aroma freedom technique is very simple and easy to follow along with as Marlo instructs you. The process is incredibly powerful and personally I moved through a ton of emotional debris during the times we spent together.

The most important component to this sessions success was Marlo herself. The healing space she holds is one of total allowance. Her loving energy is pure and deeply understanding of others pain and process. After much time with her on the phone she showed no signs of tiring and in fact came through even stronger in her unconditional presence staying with me until I felt clear.

The aroma freedom Mantras we created during the sessions are still working in my life to this day. I later bought my own Young Living Oils and I still recite the mantra with the oils and see the shifts it assist with in my life.

Marlo is a gift to this world, especially as we shift and more healers come out of the shadows. Thank You Marlo! 💖

Angela Maria Piccione

Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Master, Light Worker

Where there was doubt, I now feel grounded and more confident.

Marlo, I am on bended knee with gratitude for you! The Aroma Cleanse experience I had with you was truly life-changing. In that short hour with you I was transformed. Where there was doubt, I now feel grounded and more confident. Where there was sadness, I now have joy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts and spirit with me!

With love, 

Andi Spoor

Author of That's So Diva! A Teen Girl's Guide to Loving Herself and Living Beautifully Diva Adventures


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Want more essential oil magic in your life?

If you don’t already have a Young Living account, I would be delighted to get you started with your own collection of oils. I personally recommend the Premium Starter Kit with 11 oils & a diffuser under the wholesale membership option. This is the best way to begin at the best price. As a special gift, you will receive a FREE Peaceful Magic Session once your kit arrives. Let me know if you have any questions. 💜


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