Peaceful Magic Planner

Experience the first energetic planner that moves beyond the traditional ways of planning and allows space for more flow, trust, surrender and a whole lot of MAGIC!

Did you know that a few moments of energy work, combined with magnetism, with a sense of clarity can create greater results than HOURS of hard work?

If that sounds like something you want to experience, I invite you to this new way of planning.

Hi. I'm Marlo and I am the creator of this energetic planner.  

I used to be a professional organizer many moons ago and I LOVED planners, until I opened myself to play and practice in the energy world of manifesting.

Typical ways of planning in linear, structured boxes no longer worked for me. Even the ones that sprinkle energy into the traditional planners felt disconnected for me. I needed and wanted more flow, more spontaneity, more openness.

Because I was done checking things off my list and plowing through my day, I knew I needed a planner to be something new, something different that really focused on the energy work FIRST, while allowing a space to ground my desires.

And this is what this planner does, in 10 minutes or less a day.

It blends the practical with the magical.

As you use the planner, watch how your projects and your dreams happen because you are clear about what you want and you are ready to release emotional blocks as you take inspired action.

Witness how easily things continue to unfold in a beautiful way, often beyond your imagination.

You can use energy to get things done.

If you are looking for more flow, fun, and focus, this planner will do that for you and so much more.

Have fun creating magic in your life!


P.S. I feel like this planner needs to come with it's own "caution" label because what you write about in this planner comes true in some form.  It's so powerful that just having it near you will create energetic shifts that will delight you!  See for yourself!

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What's possible when you use this magical planner?

  • Things will fall into place, obstacles will melt away, and whatever is necessary — money, time, work, people, and opportunities will appear as needed.
  • Finding yourself in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.
  • Experiencing life unfolding using your intuition.
  • Replacing struggle with cooperation and ease.
  • Filling your days with meaning, space, purpose and ease.
  • Experiencing deeper trust and peace in all areas of your life.
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What's Inside

Since this is an energetic planner, there are pieces that you are used to seeing in traditional planners that don't exist in this one.

For example it's not a place to keep your day to day schedule. I use this planner with my calendar on my phone and computer. It's the perfect partnership.

This planner is intentionally designed to offer energy practices that will make the biggest difference for you, all in one place.

Keep reading to see what's inside that makes this a powerful and potent magic maker.

Begin with Energy & Your Vision

 ✨Emotional Vibration scale

This scale allows you to observe where you are vibrating most of your day and make the shifts.

 ✨Energy Medicine Yoga Routine

Practicing this simple and potent practice will let you get to know your personal energy systems and strengthen your own energy.

 ✨Celebration Calendar

Use the 40-day calendar to see the big picture and track your successes in a focused container.

 ✨Manifesting Mantras

Choose how and what you say to yourself with beautiful statements that are provided for you, or create your own.

 ✨Theme for Focus

Pick a word to help keep you focused and grounded.

 ✨Mind Clearing Activity

Gets everything out of your head and onto paper.

 ✨Intention Setting

Identify what you would LOVE to have happen or experience. Think of this as your own magic wand!

 ✨Vision Board

Create your own vision board on it's own page and let the planner help them come into your reality.

Daily practices

Enjoy 40 undated pages that include the following:

 ✨Create Your Day

Design your day the way you want it to be before it even happens.


Go beyond a typical gratitude list to really amplify your vibration and energy. 

 ✨Forgiveness and Release

Forgiveness is all about you and it will allow you to feel lighter, more free, and experience deep peace. The planner helps you identify and let go of what no longer serves you.

 ✨Practice receiving love, support, & guidance

Allowing yourself to receive is just as important as giving and is a key ingredient to creating the life you desire.

 ✨Act from a place of Inspired Action (vs. forced struggle)

Take action from a place of excitement and complete alignment with who you are and what you want to create.

 ✨Magical Moments

Begin to recognize and write down the magical moments as they happen.  This alone will create more magical moments in our life.  And it develops more trust in your ability when you see how magical you really are.

 ✨Honoring yourself

Self-love is the "secret" ingredient to being a peaceful, magical creator. The more you honor yourself, the more powerful you become.

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Planner Fairies

Stories from people who have experienced their own kind of magic using this planner. (You can be a Planner Fairy, too!)

"This planner is different than others I have used. It stays with you on some level and I feel the need to have it near. Guidance showing up. Again and again."

~ Rachael Austin, Portland Oregon

"The Peaceful Magic Planner brought back a nice morning routine for getting my day started in a magical way. Through using it, it became clear that I need to honor myself and take care of myself more. My advice for anyone who wants to experience the planner for yourself is to enjoy it and make it yours! Use it how it tells you it wants to be used. Allow it to guide you not control you....ENJOY!"

~ Annika York, Italy

"The Peaceful Magic Planner really helped me see how powerful I can be in putting my desires "out there" and on paper.  Having a daily manta was a powerful way for me to start my day, allowing me to set the tone (for good) of my day. I loved writing in the present rather than recording the past. I liked how it allowed me to focus on specific goals and it is easy to gaze back at what I previously wrote and see where I was at with the goals I set. This magical planner helped me  realized how powerful I can be in my own life."

~ Heather Walker, Hood River Oregon

"Beyond my expectations, the planner offered positive loving energy. I enjoyed being Inspired with helpful hints on how to word things and think in a way to support myself. It’s a very magical experience."

~ Ellie Gerdes, New York

"The gifts I received from this planner went beyond my imagination. I experienced growth in my marriage, more self-care, a trusted confidant, and confidence in myself. Compared to other planners, this is much more flexible, and more personal like a diary. I like that it has room for hopes and dreams, in addition to solid plans and to-do’s. From my experience with the Peaceful Magic Planner, I learned that if I am willing to ask and receive, I can and I will. That I am so capable, and that with these tools, I can take better care of myself. For anyone who is wondering if you should buy this planner, this will change your life in unexpected ways, truly."

~ Jasmine Turner, Medford, Oregon

"This Peaceful Magic Planner is a planner like none other. The format is amazing and the content is even more incredible! It will be more useful than you can imagine and using it will open you up so magical things can happen!

I was extremely surprised to feel the energy connection with you, Marlo, as I wrote in my planner! I also opened up more than I expected and confronted negative feelings that needed to be confronted. I was amazed that ideas just "came" to me as I wrote, and I also was definitely "drawn" to specific pages and information as I opened up the planner, i.e. the mantras, the frequency chart, and the information at the beginning! I loved that you told us we were to use it "as we felt inspired" to use it. I also used markers, pencils, pens, whatever I felt like picking up, and that was really fun! I also received insights that were amazing and events I thought would take place months later, started happening now! Especially with my yoga classes!"

~ Jo Elliot, Story Wyoming

"Dear Marlo, thank you so much for creating your beautiful Peaceful Magic Planner which is supporting and guiding me everyday to create a life which is true to who I am. 

I have been wanting to find "The Perfect Planner" for so long because as a entrepreneur, a mom and a person who loves doing a million things at the same time, I very easily get side-tracked, overwhelmed or lost. 

Your planner is different than anything else I have experienced because it weaves together simple daily practices of self care, yoga medicine, awareness, reflection and gratitude, which together creates a supportive, caring magical blanket from which one can take inspired actions. 

With the support of you and your planner I feel guided from a very different place than my normal "to do list." Planning and success have for me often been connected with stress and hard work. But now I start my day spending just a few minutes with the planner in the morning from a place of feeling calm, connected and trusting that everything will work out just the right way. What a difference!

Fears, anger, regret, and lack of confidence and self love so often stops us from being all that we can be. Marlo's planner together with her live calls, and online support in the Facebook group addresses all of this. The community of amazing women sharing their experience makes you feel connected and gives you the trust and inspiration to keep going. A healthy happy life truly takes a village, and this the community offers you just this. 

After my first 40 days with the Peaceful Magic Planner I have manifested support, connections, work and insights far beyond my expectations. I feel a new sense of joy, clarity, rhythm and lightness in my steps as I go through my days and weeks.

My experience with the planner is simply magical and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about themselves and following their dreams."

~ Trine Veiss Mikkelsen, Wellness Coach

“The Peaceful Magic Planner provided positive focus! While my usage was more weekly, I found when I wrote in it I had focus on positive energy and it shifted my focus to have magical moments throughout the day. I am finding that I connect with people in a more graceful and patient way! Thank you!

“I loved that I could date it, so I didn't feel bad if I missed a few days. In addition, I learned to take time to answer the questions and then set my day’s agenda from that versus my agenda being set my to do list!”

~ Shelby Elliott, Story Wyoming

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Peaceful Magic Planner


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