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3 Day Online Retreat

Lighten Your Being

Give Yourself Permission to PLAY!


During this Playful Online Retreat, you'll learn & experience:

~ Day 1 ~

Be Like a Unicorn

Embody the magical qualities of a Unicorn and shatter the paradigms that say we have to live a certain way. Instead of "adulting," remember the innocence and the wonder of your childhood and your divinity.  By allowing yourself to be Unicorn-like, you bless everything just by your presence.

~ Day 2 ~

Release the heaviness of "shoulding" on yourself.

With the help from the Unicorns, let go of the heavy burdens that come from all the ways we "should" on our selves.

Surrender and go from stress to sparkle. End the efforting, the "figuring it out," and striving to "make something happen." You will learn how to let resistance melt away and simply let life call you out to play and partner with it, only taking inspired action.  Understand that your ENERGY is far more potent than any technique you are doing.  You can rest knowing all is well.

~ Day 3 ~

Surrender to Serendipity

How magical can life get?  As you continue to reconnect with the part of you that yearns to be joy*full and play*full and surrender to the energy that is here, right now, your life will become more serendipitous!  Rekindle your knowing that magic still exists in the world and follow your fun!


A Note From Marlo...

Hello Magical Friend.

I'm delighted to share this potent and PLAYFUL energy as you Lighten Your Being!

Now more than ever, this energy is necessary for us to unburden ourselves and release the heaviness that weighs us down emotionally, spiritually, mental, and energetically as individuals, but also as a collective.

I invite you to join me in this peaceful and magical way of living.