I have never felt so deeply moved, rested and energized after being at a retreat and I have been to and led numerous retreats.

At Marlo's retreat you feel as if you’ve been held in the eye of God. The amazing love that surrounds you, the wholesome vegan living food lovingly created by DeWayne and the attention to detail to each and every part from the room accoutrements, the program format which is not a typical template one but one that evolves and changes with each and every group based upon the collective energy. Love and magic emanate from the heart of and core within this Center. 

The outdoor grounds are amazing and it is a sanctuary filled with Nature’s delights to immerse yourself and to behold with delight.  The yoga meditation space and the gathering spaces are intimate and comfortable.

This loving energy continues to expand and grow the longer you stay within its bosom and interestingly, you as a participant carry it forth with you when you leave. 

I believe it somehow alters your very DNA and puts each participant in touch with our wholeness.

My experience deepened my learning to trust the process without having to know why things happen as they do and being able to remain comfortable those uncomfortable spots within me. 

I loved learning to live in the 5th dimension energy and to rise above black and white thinking and living from a place of inspired energy letting go of self imposed limitations letting in  all the goodness life has to offer.

I chose to attend a retreat with Marlo I simply knew my Soul was calling me forward to go.  I called Marlo and had an individual consult and I knew that further confirmed my desire to attend. I didn’t even know what the price was.  I was in a place of transition and just needed to be with my own soul’s yearnings and wanted to release any self limitations with programmed ways of being. 

I am a friend of Marlo and DeWayne’s and I had witnessed them birthing this dream and it felt as though I was going to the birth with them.  Little did I understand at the time I was birthing a new me and a new way of being.  I had a call to be there, and typically I am very pragmatic, but in this instance I wasn’t, I just was simply following my soul’s yearning.

Before the retreat I was pretty overwhelmed with grief as I had almost lost my son to a deadly disease weeks before.  I was still in the midst of processing all the fears, emotions, and instability that had been thrust upon my psyche. At the retreat the clearing techniques and the comforting vessel skillfully designed by DeWayne and Marlo and the simple soulful and amazing energy of the space and property, provided the perfect soul balm I desperately needed.  It felt as though I were held in a sacred monastery. 

The women in attendance, none of whom I had previously had any experience with instantly felt like old friends.  Another testimant to the safeness you feel as we all shared that it felt similarly. 

Somehow,  from the moment you step out of your car, you feel as if you’ve returned home.

The most significant gifts I was given at the retreat was with the cleaning, the dumping, and the filling.

Let’s just say you are emptied of all things that don’t serve you and when you leave you are filled with all the amazing attributes that do serve you.

It felt as if I had been held in a total body immersion within a sacred pool of cleansing properties. 

Secondly the after care follow up and engaged support provided skillfully by Marlo,  further extended the calm and newly attained abilities to remain the watchful observer of self and the patterns that you are working to acknowledge and/ or change or enhance. This gave me space to use the creative tools and practice them with greater ease and clarity. 

Shalom is the word that comes to mind, not just peace itself but peace with self, with a God or higher self, and with others in your life. 

I have never felt so deeply moved, rested and energized after being at a retreat and I have been to and led numerous retreats. 

It is the art of Presence that you experience at Marlo’s retreats. 

You are indeed held in the eye of God.

~Debra Dailey, Energy Worker & Spiritual Teacher
Anchorage, Alaska

The power of retreat is the internal work of our hearts.

Marlo’s continual attention to the flow of energy mindfully drawing from her rich bank of techniques to guide the group and allow each of us to set our intentions then watch them morph into so much more…abundantly.

Marlo has the unique ability to hold space for powerful transformation in a very peaceful setting. Her approach is subbtle, almost as if very little is happening, and then whaammmm… inner transformation!

If you are considering this retreat, consider no longer. Go. The power of a retreat is difficult to capture in words because it is so often the internal work of our hearts. How does one capture this on paper… it’s very nature is elusive. If you find the questioning voice of doubt raising its head, consider this retreat as an invitation to step into the self you long to be but hold back for fear of the unknown.

Go, and find yourself!"

Lanna Dueck, Spiritual Teacher

I am truly finding magic, love, and peace!

After having a Peaceful Magic retreat experience, I find myself so much more open in expressing my feelings and thoughts with others!

I am no longer trying to control the events taking place in my life, or what others may be doing, or not doing.

I have richer, and more meaningful relationships, and I am  moving through my days with inspired action, appreciating life more and finding forgiveness in myself and others.

I am letting go of the past and no longer planning each moment of the future, and, oh so amazingly, letting my life unfold!

I am truly finding magic, love, and peace!

This all happened because I took a chance, and flew from Wyoming to Oregon to be a part of Marlo’s retreat.

Through an online course with Marlo, I realized I wanted to be a yoga instructor! I had recently retired from my wonderful position as manager of our public library in a small town tucked away in the Big Horn Mountains, and was completely lost without the constant connection with all the wonderful folks at the library.

While I became a certified yoga instructor and absolutely loved it, I had a feeling that there was something else I wanted to do. So I went to the retreat with the idea of hopefully improving my intuitive skills, and finding a way to help or maybe even heal others. I found all of that and oh so much more!

The entire retreat experience was amazingly unique because of Marlo's magical, joyful way of being, and unconditional love to all!

Her guidance, suggestions, and thought-provoking questions, the energy practices she led, the inspiring and magical oracle cards we were guided to draw, the conversations and questions we all had, were all a fascinating part of this unique, and incredible experience!

Because of my experiences at the Peaceful Magic Retreat and my new soul sisters, I now have a new appreciation for my intuitive skills, I am making a meaningful difference in the lives of others, and the “oh so much more,” of truly knowing, unconditionally loving, and completely accepting me for me!  

It was the key ingredient that I needed to first discover, to enable all these amazing, wonderful, magical things to happen!


I am forever grateful!

~Jo Elliot
Story, Wyoming

This retreat allowed me space to fully-express and continue the process of identifying and owning the false and limiting beliefs I had made up about myself that kept me stuck.

Before attending the Peaceful Magic Retreat, I had just finished an intense, two month high ticket sales and marketing program, which although was valuable and informative, left me continuing to feel resistant to success in general and I was not fully-aligned with who I was at a deeper soul level. Because of that, I was afraid to move forward with my business and felt I was an imposter.

Marlo had a warm and inviting energy about her,  providing a safe, yet at the same time powerful presence during the retreat, allowing me to fully-express and continue the process of identifying and owning the false and limiting beliefs I had made up about myself that kept me stuck.  A big breakthrough for me was that I realized I was denying myself a loving life partner because I was telling myself I had to have a successful business first. I am now focused on creating both.

Marlo’s retreat offered me a way to transform what I already knew at a deeper level, and imprint the new life-affirming energy in an easy, unassuming way so that when I left and came home I realized I had shifted and had tools to continue the imprinting. It was subtle, it was fun, and it was an adventure!

If you are looking for an experience of being uplifted with a more playful and joyful approach to your work and your life, I’d recommend attending one of Marlo's retreats.

 ~Pat Meier, (Life Coach, founder of Full Radiant Power LLC)
Cincinnati, Ohio

My heart space is still warm and open to an abundance of attention and energy to business, and the fullness of life.

I was surprised at how quickly my inner voice grew more and more confident and the connection made with the other lovely retreat participants. I also left with some very tangible ways to move my inner desires forward. Even after months from experiencing a retreat with Marlo, I still hear her voice, kindly, gently, powerfully creating space that allows me to move myself forward.

My heart space is still warm and open to an abundance of attention and energy to business, and the fullness of life. I am gentler with myself, and I am still connected to the ladies I met there! I think regular retreats would be fantastic!

~Janelle Cline, Massage Therapist
Portland, Oregon

The heavy, negative thought patterns have had time, space and support to release.

It was important take time for myself away from the demands of life to cultivate a new way of seeing myself and to form new habits to return home with.  

Because of this retreat, I feel substantially lighter.  The heavy, negative thought patterns have had time, space and support to release. I feel seen, heard, ad worthy of the life I have longed for.  I feel a deeper sense of love and appreciation for my body as well as my point of view.

I knew this would be exactly what I needed, but it went deeper than I imagined.

This is truly a gift I gave myself to transform into my true self.

~Brittney Murphy
Portland, Oregon

I have discovered greater trust and openness to what life brings, which is truly a profound shift for me.

Working with Marlo is a wonderful experience! She inspires with her very being- light, vibrant and fun and at the same time she can go deeply and to the challenging places with incredible compassion and wisdom. The retreat itself was amazing, to be able to connect to Source and self so purely and connect with other joyful, incredible beings! It’s truly a magical experience! Marlo has so much knowledge, wisdom of experience and skills to share and is so intuitive with how she works with the group and individuals.

I attended the retreat because I really wanted to create some shifts and unstick certain areas in my life. I had not been to a personal growth retreat before and definitely had various fears and anxiousness about attending. I trusted Marlo to create an atmosphere that felt safe and comfortable, and she so did!

Before working with Marlo, I had been making some very significant positive changes in how I approached life and handled things, but I also felt stuck in a rut and still struggling a lot with some challenging family, relationship and job issues. Now after the retreat I feel like I have really cleared some big blockages, accelerating my own growth, received some amazing clear insights into next steps and am handling the challenges with more ease and resilience.

There have been many improvements in big and small ways. The most significant improvements have been: in significant relationships - my primary relationship, where my partner made big positive changes to her own life and she notices major shifts in my energy that benefit our relationship tremendously. And with my relationship with my mother, we had one of those epic, relationship-altering conversations that was very healing. I am having a lot of spiritual growth- soon after the retreat, I received messages about my path and since exploring it more, I have discovered greater self-love, greater capacity for love and forgiveness for others and greater trust and openness to what life brings, which is truly a profound shift for me.

I haven’t been to other retreats but I think what may be very special for me is that I felt very comfortable to be open and share right away in the retreat and that’s a testament to Marlo’s ability to create a supportive atmosphere. I think the preparation and attention Marlo puts into the pre-retreat and post-retreat is important to a deeper and lasting change. The fact that the food is kind, nutritious and delicious is huge!

I was hesitant to attend the retreat for various reasons, but I am so grateful for the experience. I couldn’t anticipate or even imagine ALL the wonderful things that happened. If you’re considering at all, please do yourself and your loved ones a big favor and take this opportunity! If you are looking to reconnect with yourself and your source, gain deep insights, clear and release things that may be slowing your growth, connect with the highest vision for your life, have a lot of fun, learn some really fantastic new tools, make new connections to wonderful people and eat delicious, fresh food in a beautiful nature setting, this is for you! I was privileged to witness so many profound Ahas and beautiful self-realizations for all the retreat members.

You are worth it!

~Claire Nakasue
Honolulu, Hawai'i

I am feeling so empowered and free from my healing session with Marlo.


Working with Marlo is a powerful, transformative gift.  I had no idea how much would surface for me to integrate and bring more love to.  I am feeling so empowered and free from my healing session with Marlo.  I have worked with many healers and I work in the healing arts myself, so I am very discerning with whom I choose to work.  Her energy is very clean and pure.  I felt safe to express whatever came up, trusting the loving container Marlo holds.  I am grateful to have found such a space for healing.  If you feel drawn to this beautiful soul, you will be amazed how powerful a session can be.  

With love and gratitude,


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner - Husum Oregon


I love my life! It's so much more fun and magical.

Before working with Marlo, I was struggling with just about everything! I was allowing my business to cause me enormous amounts of stress and my family was falling apart a bit because of my stress. And I was not able to implement what I was teaching properly.  

I decided to come to the retreat because I really love Marlo’s energy and knew that she could help me through this rough patch. Marlo was exactly who I was looking for and didn't even know it. :-)

I've had TWO transformations at Marlo's retreat space.

During my first retreat there, (led by Lisa Berkovitz) I realized that I didn't need a successful business to buy the house of my dreams. So...I manifested the house of my dreams! 

During my second retreat, lead by Marlo, I realized that I didn't even need a business at all to be happy. So...I surrendered my business completely and only took action in that direction when I was really inspired to do so. 

Now, my business changed entirely from coaching moms with spirited children to photography, my true passion. I am currently letting it evolve as it wishes, without any pushing or struggle on my part. It's  gathering momentum fabulously.    

Marlo really showed me how to live from a place of joy and to surrender the struggle. It's so much more fun and magical to live that way. I love my life!

Marlo is amazing!! You only have to speak with her once to get a feel for just how high her vibration really is.

Every time I speak with her or see her in person I am immediately uplifted. Her whole being is infused with joy, peace, and magic.

She has been a true inspiration in my life, lighting up the path for me to live my life in a similar way. 

Cynthia Soszka

What you Seek is With You Photography


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