The 5 Step Process My Clients Use to Let Go of Stress and Skyrocket Their Energy To Build a Thriving Healing Business
(without self-care becoming a chore)

Hosted by Marlo Nikkila


On this training you will learn...

  • 5 proven steps to release overwhelm from other people’s energy so healers have the power to build a thriving healing business without hours and hours of obligatory yoga and meditation or other lengthy healing routines.
  • The real reason why 'staying protected' is the WORST strategy to reclaim strength and the little known secret to focusing energy directly onto making a difference in the world.
  • The secret to standing in your gentle power and become a powerful life force for family, friends, and clients.
  • The simple steps our Healers use to easily transition from their primary job into a thriving healing business quicker than they ever imagined.
  • Why taking a long time to heal is a waste of time and energy and the under the radar method to make quick, enjoyable and permanent shifts within minutes.
  • AND how to do it all and stay in integrity while providing an astonishing lifestyle for their family!

Marlo Nikkila is a transformational leader who teaches healers how to be peaceful, clear and magical by gently releasing emotions that are stuck and opening their hearts and minds to what’s possible for themselves and those they serve. She is co-creator, with her hubby DeWayne, of the Peaceful Heart Retreat which is an intimate healing and transformational space minutes from Hood River, Oregon nestled on 5 acres where you can come home to your magical self.

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