Let yourself have want you really want

How good are you at letting yourself want what you want?

I'm talking about what you REALLY, REALLY want?

Not what is safe to want. 

Or what you think you "should" want.

Sometimes that seems confusing and sticky, doesn't it?

I mean, is it okay to ask for what you want?

Does it seem like you are being ungrateful for what you have if you want more, or something different?

Oh, and what about if you have NO idea how to get it?  Do you still let yourself want it?

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Chocolate Covered Poo

Would you like some chocolate covered poo?

What if we added sprinkles on top?

I bet your immediate answer is: NO WAY!! That’s gross.

But you know what?

You are probably serving yourself this “treat” more often than you think.

Chocolate = Positive thinking

Poo = Unresolved emotions and beliefs

Sprinkles = “Self-care”

One of the common things that is coming through my talks with healers is our undeniable commitment to “Talking and Thinking Positive.”


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