Unplug from People Pleasing & Follow YOUR Flow conversation

Calling all people pleasures out there!!
Did you know that until you unplug from people pleasing you will always follow someone else's flow?
And this is one thing that gets in the way of you fully surrendering.
During this conversation you will...
Explore People Pleasing in a new way.
Experience Energy Medicine Yoga with focus on strengthening your Aura which is your electromagnetic afterglow of your essence and your hidden instrument of your intuition....
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The Magical Doorway of Surrender


Surrender is the highest state and MOST powerful practice you can do.

In this video, I share an overview of surrender and the magical doorway you get to step through if you choose.

You'll probably want to get your journal and some tea as you join me on this beautiful journey.

Want to play in the magical world of surrender? Join us for the next Surrender Adventure by clicking here.  

And if you'd like to hear more about the different dimensions, I share more about that in ...

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Fearing Fear

On a hike, I was overcome with a subtle energy leak we may have.

It’s being afraid of fear.

Everywhere I turn, people are trying to avoid the news or conversations that are fear-based.

We are even telling people not to be in fear around all what’s happening with the virus.

I’ve done it too.

But what is coming in clear is that fear is the way through.

It’s a piece of the transformation.

So I’m checking in with myself where I’m resisting fear. Where...

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Wake Up, Sleepyhead.

(in a soft, gentle whisper full of love..)

Hello, dear one.

It's time to wake up.

Wake up from the hamster wheel. 

Wake up from the noisy world.

Wake up from the need to "make something happen."

Wake up from the illusions that you need to DO more.

Wake up to a life of Serendipity!

That means to wake up from the sense of over responsibility for others, of over processing your healing work and embrace ALL of you.

Especially the bits and pieces you have been trying to avoid, fix, or...

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Rise Above the Noise


{Feel free to jump to 6:16 to jump right to the goodies.}

Today I have something special for you.  It's a video from an online retreat sharing about the different dimensions.

When I learned about the dimensions, it offered me a new perspective on what's happening in our world, understand my own conscious evolution and now I have an awareness of what is possible as I move through the dimensions.

And I hope it does the same for you.

Each dimension is like...

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Meeting a Guru

I'd love to share a story about meeting my first Guru.

I was so excited and curious!

I wondered what the energy would feel like in the room.

What would be activated simply by being in the presence of someone who is enlightened?

I was open and ready to receive and experience this new adventure as we sat waiting for him to arrive and be perched on the elevated seat in front of us.

With a big smile on his face and in his heart, he entered the room with grace, gentleness, and playfulness.


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A sacred place to BE

As I prepare for the retreat in a few days, it made me realize I've never really shared about our story and pictures of our sacred space with you.

We created the Peaceful Heart Retreat Sanctuary as a magical, healing space nestled in the woods outside a small town in Oregon.

My hubby and I found our way here 3 years ago via Portland after he retired from the Air Force.

This has been a dream come true for us both.  And a calling for me.

Having a small retreat space has been an...

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It's time to loosen your grip

Do you spin your wheel and spend tons of time trying to “figure it out?” 

Are you frustrated because you know you are here to do something that fulfills you and your purpose but you can’t seem to connect to it fully?

I know this all too well. 

And I sometimes still get sucked in the “figuring it out” mode.

But now I catch it and can turn it around.

It gets tricky because we are trained to use our thinking and the power of our mind to set your path to...

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Come Home To Your Inner Sanctuary

Two years ago, today, I was told I had Breast Cancer.

This came a few days after we were urged to prepare for an evacuation due to the encroaching forest fire.

And this was just after a full week from hosting my first Peaceful Magic Retreat in our newly remodeled home and retreat space.

Retreat.  Fire.  Breast Cancer.

All within a week. 

And yet, I was calm, peaceful and plugged in like I had never been before.

I remember sitting on our almost-finished-new...

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Are You Pushing or Being Pulled?

Until I sit down, my mind and heart are filled with all things I want us to talk about.  I want to see you in the seat on the other side of the table entering into deep conversation about all the yummy topics that we as healers long to have.

And then I sit down with the computer and have to pretend you are here with me and my mind goes blank. I know I have so much to share, so many questions to ask you, and a longing to hear what’s going on in your world.

That’s one reason I...

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