Higher Dimensional Purpose to Goals

Did you know there is a higher dimensional purpose to goals?

This is not what many of us have been taught.

Goals, from a higher dimension, have NOTHING to do with achieving them.

When I understood this it blew my mind, but I also felt a sense of complete relief.

Because what used to "work" for me no longer did.

My journey with goals has been an interesting one.  I used to love setting them, planning and strategizing.  Then after time of not achieving them or being...

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Surrender 3D and Play in 5D

We are being called to go even more within ourselves to dissolve and dismantle beliefs and stories that keep us plugged into the drama and division in the 3D consciousness all around us.

(Not sure what 3D consciousness is or simply want a refresher? I share more about that here.)


As healers, light workers, sensitive beings, it's been important for us to do the emotional and mental processing,  but now it's time to shift our attention.


It's time to surrender 3D and...

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Dare to Sparkle

I remember the moment I chose Sparkle as my word for the year.  

A word that would change my life.

I had been living in a co-housing community in Portland for a year or so and I was still trying to find my place there.

Even though we were a community, doing community things (meals, meetings, work parties, events, and meetings about meetings), I felt like there was something missing and we were not honoring or celebrating each other in a meaningful way.

I noticed that people's...

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Stop doing this with your money

Right now our property is covered with these gorgeous papery silver plants called Lunaria, also known as the silver dollar plant or money plant.

It is said that their plant medicine carries the energy of honesty, money, sincerity and prosperity.

In the spring they are purple flowers, and in the fall their seed pods turn into these delicate, translucent full moons.  

They are simply gorgeous and I am in awe of their transformation.

In the energy of the Lunaria, can we have an...

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Financial Flow Retreat at Home

It's hard to believe that DeWayne and I are coming up on our 23 year anniversary. 

It's been quite a ride!

I half jokingly say that the two things that have saved our marriage is when we got a GPS and when we started managing our money in a really special way.

Trying to navigate directions using a paper map and my intuition caused us so much stress and many arguments.

And so did money.  

You see, we were never taught how to really be in a healthy relationship with money...

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Surrender Social Media

A month ago I entered into a self-proclaimed 30 day experiment to see what my life would be like without social media (mainly facebook and instagram.)

For the short story...

The 30 days has been amazing and I'm not coming back to social media.  This has offered me so much freedom, presence, focus and spaciousness in my life.

The first month was getting comfortable with all the new space.  Now I'm settling into BEING in the space even more.

(I've included two...

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Shifting with Surrender

We are experiencing some very fascinating times, aren't we?

Soooooo much division.  

Soooooo much contradicting information.  

Sooooooo much drama.

Even with all this, I find comfort knowing that this amount of chaos is actually required for our collective shift to happen.

And instead of resisting it or reacting to it, we can respond by LEANING into it.

This means leaning into the unknown.

And the most powerful place we can do that from is the space of SURRENDER.  


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Surrender + Equanimity + Cinnamon Rolls

Well... I have a kitchen that smells of yummy gluten-free, vegan cinnamon rolls.  It was my first attempt at making them and they sure do look and smell better than they taste.


It was fun exploring and playing around with a new recipe even if it is one I never have to make again.  I had my eyes on this recipe for a long time but never felt like I had the time to spend all morning making it.  

I wanted to make them for one of my friends and Retreat Fairies who is...

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Surrender Lets Magic Happen

I had the pleasure of being in conversation with Klana Andrea Ludwig on her podcast.

I share more about my personal story of how surrender lets more magic happen.

* How creating our retreat space with my hubby, DeWayne activated the magic within me and everyone who comes.
* How being in my own energy makes it easier for me to navigate these times.
* How I navigated a forest fire that threatened our...
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Seeing Clearly in 2020


A few weeks before the world reacted to Covid19, I felt a deep, deep cellular longing to go off to be by myself for a year.

So when almost everything shut down, cancelled, and we were all sequestered to our homes, I had a huge sigh of relief.  

It felt like I could breathe again.

And I could finally be me and in my own energy.

There were many people I talked to who also felt the deep need to rest, reset, and space to be with themselves in a new way.  And each one of us wondered...

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