You have Permission to Play!

On a scale from 0 - Fairies and Unicorns, how playful are you?


How playful do you long to be?


In our culture,  play can seem childish and even frivolous and dare I say irresponsible? 


Especially when we are dealing with some serious, heavy healing for ourselves, our clients, our country and even the planet.


But I hear time and time again that people want more play.  


They are craving it.


Deep down they know their soul is asking them to lighten up and experience the magic we are all longing for. 


If this is you, you have permission to play!


In fact, let's play right now!


What if play was the most important thing to do on our planet right now?


What if we could truly change the collective reality and usher in world peace through being truly playful?


What if we are in the space of miracles and possibilities?


If there were no rules, what would you create?


What would happen if you allowed yourself to remember your pure essence? You know, that part of you that you had access to when you were a child.

"We need to play so that we can rediscover the magic all around us."
~Flora Colao


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