What Element are You?

Each of us has a primary element that is the lens of how we operate in the world.

Water - Wood - Fire - Earth - Metal

For example, those of us who are strong in the Earth element tend to be the peacemaker, the caretaker, the teacher, the nurturer, etc.. And we LOVE the Earth.

We also hold the space of calm during transitions.

This all sounds pretty great, but when this element is out of balance it looks like over compassion, worry, enabling, and taking responsibility for others, We tend to give more of ourselves to other people before we give to ourselves.

You may be an Earth if you want everyone to be happy. You want to please others. You have a need to make everyone feel comfortable.

Does this sound like you?

This is me. And I've been doing a lot to learn how to deliberately work with my energy so I am a balanced earth.

While I have come a LONG way, my imbalances creep in from time to time.

Here's an example of how it showed up on our backpacking trip this summer.

I had left my camping hammock straps on the trees over night and when I woke up, one of them was missing. DeWayne (my husband) had warned me about leaving my hammock out over night, but since we were the only ones camping, I thought it was safe.

Later that evening, a group of hikers/campers came through so DeWayne went to their campsite to see if they had it. They were still sleeping, but our strap was laying on the ground next to a half empty bottle of alcohol, so he reclaimed it and came back to our site.

This is where my imbalanced Earth energy came in. I asked if we should leave a note to let them know we collected our strap. (You should have seen the look on his face!)

I felt bad that DeWayne went into their campsite and took something, even though it was ours and their campsite was on the main trail. I weirdly wanted to soothe them and not have them feel upset.

I was more concerned about their well-being and how this would affect them, then I was about me and my stuff.

I chuckle about it now.

It's fun knowing myself so well and being able to witness my tendencies, accept and work with them, and then choose something that will support me more.

Would you like to know what element you are?

There is a quiz you can take for yourself to see what element you resonate with the most.


And then let us know what element shows up for you.

We can all benefit by being balanced in all the elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal.) That's one reason I love being surrounded by trees and water!

So even if you are not an Earth, it's important to have some alone time and learn how to receive. Make sure you practice hearing your own inner voices and truths. Nurture yourself and let yourself be nurtured.

It's time to release worry, self-blame, overwhelm, confusion, and uncertainty.

And being an Earth who has found simple ways to do this, I'd be honored and happy to teach you. (surprise, surprise! 🤣)

So, take the quiz... and schedule a time for us to talk and see where we can bring more harmony into your energies.


With peace, love, and a lot of magic,


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