Let yourself have want you really want

How good are you at letting yourself want what you want?

I'm talking about what you REALLY, REALLY want?

Not what is safe to want. 

Or what you think you "should" want.

Sometimes that seems confusing and sticky, doesn't it?

I mean, is it okay to ask for what you want?

Does it seem like you are being ungrateful for what you have if you want more, or something different?

Oh, and what about if you have NO idea how to get it?  Do you still let yourself want it?

What if other people don't think it's possible?

And how can you possibility let yourself thrive and expand when so many people are struggling and suffering?

We've been programed to believe that if I want something then it somehow takes away from someone else.

What if you want...

...to leave your current job and begin your healing practice?

...to move into a different home?

...to only do a specific kind of healing?

....to be in partnership?

....to be a mom?

....to have a specific car?

....to be prosperous?

....to feel good in your body?

....to have a healthy relationship with your family?

....to love and trust yourself completely?

I bet you are already coming up with all kinds of reasons why you can't move forward towards what you want.  I've heard them all.

Not enough time, money, support, confidence, energy, clarity.

But here's the truth.  

Those things show up when you say YES to yourself.

Not before.

So not only is it okay to want what you want, it is NECESSARY and POSSIBLE to let it happen sooner than later.

And it actually has more potential to support others than you may think.

If you’re interested in letting yourself have what you REALLY want, not just what you think you "should" want, then I have a fun, quick and potent way to do that.

And you don’t have to wait until a retreat. 😉

Here's a powerful, but common story for you to see what's possible.

One dear soul and healer is experiencing her beloved dog and hubby both being recently diagnosed with cancer.  All this during a move with new jobs, new place to live and a new community. Any one of those things by themselves would be a lot to experience.  

In our time together, she expressed her deep, deep desire to have a home to call her own.  One where she could garden, feel rooted, and stable.  But she felt selfish for wanting something while her loved ones were going through something really hard and serious.  Plus her hubby wasn't fully on board. She was willing to put her desire on the back burner, knowing that some day it would happen.

During our fun session, she had this intention: "I will have a home with the sounds of water and birds by summer."  

As soon as we were complete, she had a text from her hubby saying he was looking at homes with the realtor.

And one week later, they had an accepted offer on a home with a creek in the back yard and surrounded by trees with birds.



Every person I share this with gets something really incredible. I have more and more stories like this one.

It's quick.  

It's fun.

It's potent. 

And it's permanent.

This is why I couldn’t keep this from you any longer.

And why I didn't want you to wait until you came to a retreat to experience this.

Ready to have your own shift like this?

Find out more about the technique here.

With peace, love, and a lot of magic,


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