Wake Up, Sleepyhead.

(in a soft, gentle whisper full of love..)

Hello, dear one.

It's time to wake up.

Wake up from the hamster wheel. 

Wake up from the noisy world.

Wake up from the need to "make something happen."

Wake up from the illusions that you need to DO more.

Wake up to a life of Serendipity!

That means to wake up from the sense of over responsibility for others, of over processing your healing work and embrace ALL of you.

Especially the bits and pieces you have been trying to avoid, fix, or change in some way.

Because when you do this, you unlock your beautiful presence in a special way.  

You wake up to a deep trust
in yourself and life itself.

Unfortunately, we get caught up in the illusion that we are not good enough or that life is unsafe to trust fully.  It may even feel like we have one foot in the physical world and another foot in the spiritual world and we are not sure how to bridge the gap.

We stay stuck in habits and patterns, feel overwhelmed and quite frankly depleted and dull. We spin in self-help in search of THE answer.

Deep down we hope magic is real but if we are honest, magic is a bit scary because we are SO UNCOMFORTABLE with the unknown.  

We cling to our systems, plans, and logical ways of thinking and creating.  

We buy into the idea that if we just learn more, try harder, dream bigger THEN we can make our life work.  

But what if it is a simple as being willing to surrender?

This means to allow yourself to soften and relax.

It means to stop trying so frickin' hard.

It means to lean in and integrate all the parts of yourself you've been pushing away or avoiding.  

You know... all your "mistakes" all your "failures", and even the dreams we are hustling to make happen.

The trick is to just BE YOU without trying and without doing more and yes.... even controlling the outcome.

But who are you if you stop all the efforting? 

I invite you to find out by letting go of creating from the old paradigm of CONTROLLING how things should be and listen to what wants to be created with you.

I invite you to the place where I have personally seen the deepest trust, surrender and childish delight become available for others when they tune into who they really are in a playful and grounded way.

It's the space during transformational retreats as a bridge between the magical and the practical.

Retreats offer so much more than monthly coaching or online programs ever could.

I know that's a bold statement, but I say this from experiencing normal retreats, transformational retreats, typical coaching programs, and a multitude of online programs as a participant and as the coach.

Hands down, transformational retreats win every time.

There is nothing like them.

And they can't be duplicated on a vacation, or even a typical yoga retreat, as yummy as those are.

Transformational retreats are not just time away, gathering with girlfriends in an exotic place, and doing some yoga and meditation.

Peaceful Magic Retreats are an activation for awakening and transformation allowing you to breathe new life into your beingness.  

They offer space to trust life and experience perfect harmony and tons of serendipity!

One of my gifts is holding an energetic template that activates something within individuals where they enjoy a calm balance within their being. 

Especially if they are navigating big changes in life, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Or they are simply ready and willing to surrender and play and partner with life.

If you come to the retreat, you will have a cellular experience where you will know and experience a deep TRUST causing relaxation in the cells in your body.

There is space for you to just BE like you've never experienced before.

It's the pure experience of being, integrating, playing and receiving.

It's an energetic "system upgrade" as you relax, play and surrender.

You don't have to take my word for it.  Read the stories of incredible women who have come before you and who may even join you during your retreat.


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