Are You Pushing or Being Pulled?

Until I sit down, my mind and heart are filled with all things I want us to talk about.  I want to see you in the seat on the other side of the table entering into deep conversation about all the yummy topics that we as healers long to have.

And then I sit down with the computer and have to pretend you are here with me and my mind goes blank. I know I have so much to share, so many questions to ask you, and a longing to hear what’s going on in your world.

That’s one reason I LOVE in person connections, phone calls, and retreats.  

Until that happens for us, writing letters to you will have to do. 😘

Today, I would love us to explore what is pulling you and the importance of listening to what is calling you forward.

So much of the world is about “getting rid of” or “fixing” or “moving away from.” 

I’ve been taught in the business world that people are more likely to say yes to something that promises them to get out of pain vs living their dream.  

Pain motivates.

I get that.

I won’t deny that it works for a lot of people.

And it used to work for me.

But there is a different way of navigating your life and I would love to invite you into this new way of being and living.

It's an invitation to let your vision pull you forward and create a clear path for yourself.

Here’s an example us leaving our co-housing community a few years ago as an example of the difference between being pushed and being pulled.

You may remember from a few other stories that we used to live in a co-housing community when we first moved to Portland.  While there were many gifts in living there, I was ready to leave because I felt like a part of me was dying and that I couldn’t fully show up.  Where it got really sticky was that DeWayne, my hubby, wasn’t ready to go.

And then one day, something happened that jolted him into being ready.  

While it felt like anger and disappointment was pushing us both out, I realized how important it was for us to leave because something bigger was pulling us forward.

A vision.

A dream.

I didn't want to leave because of our pain.  

I knew it would follow us no matter where we were going.  

I also knew it would also taint our relationships and the whole experience if we left from this energy.

So we both made a commitment to move towards something really special.

A few weeks later we found our current home with the vision of turning it into a sacred retreat space for ourselves and others.

I believe this became available with so much speed and ease because of our shift in perspective and willingness to be pulled into something larger than ourselves.


"Pain pushes until Vision Pulls." ~Michael  Beckwith. 


Check in with different areas of your life and see what's happening.

  • Where you being motivated by pain? 
  • Where are you being pulled by your vision?

Wherever you are, honor that.  

Be with it.  

And then see what you can play with.

The healers who get the most out of our work together in my retreats are the ones who have a vision that is pulling them forward.  

Does it mean there is no pain? Absolutely not.  

The difference is we are able to BE with the pain differently and not making decisions to get rid of it or fueled by it, and then there is a way to let GO of what is ready to be released and then there is space for the  vision to flow IN.

I invite you to let your vision pull you past your own insecurities.

Let the path become clear.

It's a fun adventure and you don't have to do it alone.

Whenever you’re ready... here are 3 ways I can guide and support you to shift your energy to being pulled by your vision.

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Let your vision come alive, even if you are not quite sure what it is yet.

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With peace, love, and a lot of magic,


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