Unplug from People Pleasing & Follow YOUR Flow conversation

Calling all people pleasures out there!!
Did you know that until you unplug from people pleasing you will always follow someone else's flow?
And this is one thing that gets in the way of you fully surrendering.
During this conversation you will...
πŸ’œ Explore People Pleasing in a new way.
πŸ’œ Experience Energy Medicine Yoga with focus on strengthening your Aura which is your electromagnetic afterglow of your essence and your hidden instrument of your intuition.  It's like your GPS guiding you to the  right experiences and people.
πŸ’œ Receive guidance and energetic upgrades from the Unicorns in a short, but potent meditation.
Before we begin.....
Here are some Journal/Contemplation Questions to prepare for our time together tomorrow! {Resource: The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck & Inner Guideboob}
πŸ¦„ Are you sacrificing too much because of your need to be needed?
πŸ¦„ What signals does your body give you when you've been giving too much?
πŸ¦„ Are you denying a real need of yours?
πŸ¦„ What are you afraid will happen if if you say "no" more often?
πŸ¦„ How can you find balance between caring for yourself and caring for others?
Want to contribute to the conversation?  Come play with us in the Peaceful Magic Facebook group where you can post comments as you watch the conversation. It will feel like you are there with us and we can keep the conversation going. Watch it here.
A few highlights:
🌈  The strongest energy determines the flow... Being NEUTRAL is actually the most powerful energy to be in.
🌈 It's important to be sacredly selfish for you to be of true service.
🌈 Give from a pure heart where you are not "needing" anything from the giving.
🌈 Let your relationships be energetically satisfying.

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