Surrender 3D and Play in 5D

We are being called to go even more within ourselves to dissolve and dismantle beliefs and stories that keep us plugged into the drama and division in the 3D consciousness all around us.

(Not sure what 3D consciousness is or simply want a refresher? I share more about that here.)


As healers, light workers, sensitive beings, it's been important for us to do the emotional and mental processing,  but now it's time to shift our attention.


It's time to surrender 3D and
stabilize our energy in 5D.


I know this can be a rather unsettling because we are MASTERS at processing our stuff and helping others process their stuff.   

Not only is this a space we are really comfortable, we LOVE it here.  

We get to make meaning out of it all, justifying things based on our experiences,  trading "unsupportive" beliefs for more "supportive" beliefs (not realizing that we've just created another belief we will need to unhook from later.)  

We love that there is something to "fix" or "heal" because that offers meaning and purpose to our life.

I get it.  

I speak from personal experience. 😂

I know what it's like to wobble between 3D, 4D, and 5D and back to 3D again and again.

Spinning around and thinking I'm getting somewhere, only to find that I'm back at the same spot where I started.

Oh goodness.

This caused me to question if there is something wrong with me, or that I just needed to commit to more "mindset" work, or just surrender to that being what life is all about.

But there was something in me that knew there was another way that allowed me to stop spinning.

In my exploration, I took time to really sit with and contemplate these questions.


If there is nothing to "fix," "fight" or "heal" what do I do?

If I don't have my stories, who am I?

If I don't have beliefs, what do I have?  


As I was in this, it was hard for me to express what I was tuning into because it's not something I see a lot of people talking about. 

I realize now that it's the space in-between.

So when I heard this song by Daniel Nahmod a month ago, it was the closest thing I've found that explained how I had been feeling all these years and what might be possible on the other side. (Click on the image to watch the video and listen to the song.)

Now I know there is a different way and  it's become really clear to me.    

It's the beliefs, stories, and "healing" that make up the drama loop and keeps us spinning in this 3D Matrix.  


When we drop ALL the stories, when we dissolve ALL the beliefs, when we stop trying to "figure things out" we are only left with one thing.

Simple TRUTH.   

This is not a factual truth, a mind truth, or even a heart truth. 

It's universal truth.

It's the pulse of presence that is available to us all the time.

It's the deep, cellular knowing because you are integrated with your soul.

With this new clean and clear awareness, old ways of doing things no longer work for me.

And if we are honest, they are probably not working for anyone.

So I'm choosing to no longer spin in 3D or contributing to others staying there. 

This means instead of being masters at emotional and mental processing, or creating new beliefs and stories, I'm inviting you to become masters in this: 





Let yourself BE with what is.

Let GO of all beliefs & stories.

Let IN the TRUTH of who you are.



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