Stop doing this with your money

Right now our property is covered with these gorgeous papery silver plants called Lunaria, also known as the silver dollar plant or money plant.

It is said that their plant medicine carries the energy of honesty, money, sincerity and prosperity.

In the spring they are purple flowers, and in the fall their seed pods turn into these delicate, translucent full moons.  

They are simply gorgeous and I am in awe of their transformation.

In the energy of the Lunaria, can we have an honest and sincere conversation about money for a moment?

More specifically about what you are currently doing, not doing, and what you should stop doing, when it comes to managing your money.

I know. I know.

It's not the most fun or exciting conversation to have. 

The reason I bring it up though is because I know the empowerment, the freedom, the FUN, and the flow that is possible if you have the magical money management system in place.

So, if you are willing, let's begin the conversation shall we?


How do you manage your money?


What I'm about to share with you may surprise you because it goes against most of what other money management systems will teach you.

And by the way, the magical money management system we use, and what I want to share with you, will automatically take care of each of these things naturally!


🌈 Stop tracking your outgoing expenses.

We used to spend time balancing our checking accounts with Quicken. I remember taking time to enter all our receipts in and downloading the transactions from our bank.  Once we realized the only mistakes that were made was because of us, and that we never really used the information we spent time balancing and categorizing, we stopped doing it. 

We don’t miss it because it is unnecessary!

It was a BIG waste of time, making us think we were managing our money and being "responsible."

If you leave with ONE awareness from this, please know...


Tracking your outgoing expenses is not the same thing as managing your money.


🌈 Stop placing your money in one account.

Most people place all their money in one account and spend it as needed.   At times they spend it impulsively and possibly end up not having money for things that are important to them and continuously live paycheck to paycheck.

How do I know?  This was us, too. 


🌈 Stop focusing on paying off your debt.

At one point we were only focused on getting out of debt using what's called the snowball effect.

And it worked, until something unexpected came up and we had to put more on our credit card, creating more debt.  

And we felt like we were on a diet and couldn't have fun until the debt was gone.

It was a vicious cycle we had gotten ourselves stuck in.

Thank goodness there is another way where you can reduce debt in a balanced harmonious way.


Take a moment to let ALL of that soak in.

If you truly want to manage your money, it will be important to stop doing these practices.

  1. Stop tracking your expenses.
  2. Stop placing your money in one account.
  3. Stop focusing on playing off your debt.


Let's have the conversation by emailing me what's showing up for you.  

How do you currently manage your money?

Are you doing any of the practices I mentioned above with your money right now?

Do you want to learn another way of BEING with your money that creates Financial Flow?


Come with me and I'll show you how
in a fun and magical way.


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