Shifting with Surrender

We are experiencing some very fascinating times, aren't we?

Soooooo much division.  

Soooooo much contradicting information.  

Sooooooo much drama.

Even with all this, I find comfort knowing that this amount of chaos is actually required for our collective shift to happen.

And instead of resisting it or reacting to it, we can respond by LEANING into it.

This means leaning into the unknown.

And the most powerful place we can do that from is the space of SURRENDER.  

The place of a still point.  

The place of being neutral.

This is when we can hear and know our truth without all the noise that surrounds us.

Surrender makes the shifting happen with so much more ease.

Let's bring this into practical, every day experience you are already having (especially if you drive a manual car.)


Imagine yourself driving along and needing to change your speed or direction.

If you try to shift your car from one gear to another without the clutch, what happens?

Tons of awful, grinding noises right?

With potential to do a lot of damage to your engine. 

Now see surrender as the clutch.  It brings everything into neutral for a moment so the car can shift with greater ease and efficiency. 

That means surrender is an active practice.  It's not passive like many think it is.

Surrender is removing the pressure and actually lets you have a lot more freedom and control during this time of chaos.

And it doesn't have to be hard, heavy, or unpleasant.

Surrender can be playful, light, freeing!

Especially when we do it together in a retreat with the Unicorns! 😉

Speaking of Unicorns and is Deborah's review of our special retreat time.

At first, Surrender sounded like a word that was an end of a war. It seems to have an all or nothing action attached. The Surrender into yourself has many softer layers. It is an excuse to manifest a retreat setting and to enjoy the comfort. There was time to listen to that voice within and hear the wisdom. There was time to really listen to amazing women share experiences. There was support to face fear and discover your own strength. I learned that it is more fun to allow future possibilities to emerge rather than schedule them. It is such a time that was beautifully orchestrated and I am grateful. 


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