Purify Your Story

I have a fun story for you.


It's my true sacred surrender story that couldn't go in the newly released book, which is why I want to share it with you now.


If you read to the end, you will see how you can benefit from this experience, too.


Plus you will get insight into how to live a surrendered life, even when you are up against a deadline.


Let's begin shall we?


When I was first invited to be part of the book on Sacred Surrender, I was a full on and immediate YES!  If there was a collaborative book I was meant to be a part of it was this one.


That's why it was such a surprise at how challenging it was to for me to write my chapter for it.


I knew enough to give what wanted to come through space to show up. And I did that by showing up to write and letting what happened happen.


Every time, the results were poo.  And yet I kept being drawn to the same story over and over again.


Along the way, I was given the message that it would arrive at the last minute, which helped me release pressure and expectations.


So the day before it was due, and the day before we were driving to visit my folks and friends in Arizona and Utah, I was ready for it to land. I gave myself extra time at the coffee shop to allow it to come in.


But it was just more poo.


I've been creating and writing enough to know when it feels aligned and this was not it. 


Maybe there was another last minute?


Mary (the publisher and someone who knows me and surrender) was gracious enough to give me a few more days.


After a day with my folks, something finally began to land.  It was a different version of the same story I had been writing about.


My mom was gracious to gave me really great editing and feedback.  

DeWayne (my hubby) read it the next morning, on the day it was due. In his direct and honest way, he told me that if it where him, he saw two options: Cancel my playdate with my friend and spend the rest of the day writing something new, OR not turn something in.


He knew it was poo, too. 🤣


I didn't take offense because deep down, I knew it was not my best work or something that really wanted to be in the book.


What I also knew is that I had more than two choices and my playdate was the thing I needed most. The old me would have canceled and spent all day writing, but I can't create in the old way anymore. 


I chose play over producing something.


In my meditation that morning, I spoke with my higher self and she said to just tell my story.


I was a little at a loss since that is what I thought I was doing.  Even so, I was willing to show up to write my story one more time.


After my playdate of spending time in a salt room and having heart-filled conversation with my friend, I headed to Starbucks to write my story.


Two hours later, I was texting Mary to ask her how she wanted the document.  As I waited for her response, I was closing my open files and getting ready to put my final touches on my story.  


When I returned to the document, I noticed it was gone.


Poof. Just like that. Gone.


(no, I didn't save it so there was nothing to recover.)


After my "oh shit" moment, I knew my higher self deleted the story.


And then I started laughing outloud. 


I felt complete relief.


I heard my higher self say, "And now you are done. You never have to tell those stories ever again."  


As she promised, in the last moment, there was truly space for what REALLY wanted to come through.


The Sacred Surrender Day retreat.


It's perfect thing for me to offer.  And it lit me up creating it.


It seems so obvious now because it's what I really wanted to create from the very beginning but I didn't give myself full permission until I exhausted the other option.


I also realized that I was able to give myself my own medicine.


When people share their stories with me, there is something really magical that happens. Their past gets cleaned up and purified when they are listened to from a neutral witness. This allows them to access and live in a higher frequency.


And that's what I did for myself every time I wrote the different versions of the same story.  It got purified.


I had no idea that saying yes to this book would ultimately be my sacred surrender story.  Or that it would offer a deeper healing and transformation for me.


I love how life unfolds when we trust in life itself.  It is so light and freeing when we let our past stories get purified.


You can purify your stories, too.

Once you do, you will sense the freedom, the relief and see the simplicity of what really wants to come through you.

* Write your story over and over again and deeply listen as a neutral witness.

* Listen from your heart which does not mean emotions, but rather a place of stillness, silence and a peaceful pause.

 *Experience any of my retreats to have the space to hear yourself and access higher frequencies.

*Click here to Purchase the Sacred Surrender book and access the Day Retreat!  It's available in paperback and kindle.


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