The Rules of Energy

As a healer, I'm sure you have heard ENERGY is EVERYTHING.  

That's probably why so many of us are drawn to this healing work, even if we are not fully conscious of it or fully understand it.

I have studied energy through the law of attraction, healing touch, reiki, energy medicine, yoga, meditation, essential oils, brain rewiring and through my own life experience.

Through all of this, I have come to realize that our job is to align our energy with ourselves and our divine selves. 

Then we can rest in the openness of the unknown with more trust and an openness to receive what wants to show up.  

We live with more delight and wonder.

Unfortunately most of us are scattered, living on a roller coaster of emotions, or with our head in the sand avoiding the dark places that seem scary.  (I've been there, too!)

Because of this, we think we want our lives to be predictable and desperately hold on tight thinking we are in control.  

But what is the fun in that? 

And do you really want to stay in the cycle of patterns you are currently in?

If you are really honest with yourself, I bet not.

When you understand energy you can make sense of what is needed and what's going on in your own personal experience. 

You begin to do your part and surrender the rest.

My hope is that these simple rules of energy will bring light to how you can align your own energy.

Want to have a conversation about these?  Let's find a time to talk. Here's my calendar.  πŸ™πŸΌ

Okay... onto the the rules from my studies specifically with Eden Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine Yoga and the Course of Mastering Alchemy.

πŸŒ€Energy wants to move and it needs space to move.

In your mind, your heart, and your body, your physical space, and even your calendar.

Most people think we don’t have enough energy, but the truth is that we may have stuck energy.  

Where can you create more space for yourself?

πŸŒ€Energy moves in patterns.

What are the patterns in your life/work/relationships that keep showing up, especially if they are really irritating or puzzling to you?

Where are you caught in the mundane?

Where do these patterns work for you?

πŸŒ€Energy forms habits.

A good example of this is our beliefs and stories we keep telling ourselves.

πŸŒ€Energy has priorities and they are consistent.

Energies will first go to keeping you alive, even if it means sacrificing other energy systems to do this.

THEN they go to your desires and dreams.

So, if you find yourself really sick or struggling to pay for your rent, the energy is going to go here. 

πŸŒ€The energies around you affect the energies within you.

This includes where you live and the people you spend time with.

This is why it was important for me to live in nature.  We even crystal gridded our entire 5 acres and our home.  It was a significant “before and after” experience with the crystals!  Everyone who comes says they can feel it the moment they come onto our property.

Who are you spending most of your time with?

Where are you spending most of your time?

πŸŒ€Your thoughts are electric and your emotions are magnetic.

It’s not just the importance of your thoughts, but the emotions that are connected to them.  This is one reason why some things come into form and why others don’t.

How good are you at thinking about what you want and then imprinting a specific emotion on it to magnetize it?  This is a powerful skill to have!

Where are you attached? Where are you resisting?

Now that you know these, what's next?

Retreats are the best way to align your energy. 

In my opinion, transformational retreats are the best way to align your energy in a new way.  

One reason is that working with these rules of energy naturally happen anytime you attend a Peaceful Magic Retreat.  

  • You step out of your own life to get a new perspective, and shake up your day to day routine.
  • You naturally create space to let what wants to come to the surface, releasing stagnant energy.
  • You will surround yourself with other incredible healers who see you and understand you.
  • You attune yourself to an environment that is specifically designed to up level you energetically. 
  • Your basic needs are lovingly met with healthy meals prepared for you and a safe nurturing place to deeply rest.  All you have to do is show up.
  • You become aware of your habits and patterns and establish ones that really serve you.
  • You will uncover thoughts and feelings that are hindering your growth and expansion and create new ones that actually ALIGN yourself in the direction of your dreams.

With peace, love, and a lot of magic,


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