Chocolate Covered Poo

Would you like some chocolate covered poo?

What if we added sprinkles on top?

I bet your immediate answer is: NO WAY!! That’s gross.

But you know what?

You are probably serving yourself this “treat” more often than you think.

Chocolate = Positive thinking

Poo = Unresolved emotions and beliefs

Sprinkles = “Self-care”

One of the common things that is coming through my talks with healers is our undeniable commitment to “Talking and Thinking Positive.”

We work so hard to catch our thoughts and our words.

It doesn’t feel good to see what’s not working.

We are afraid to go there because then we are creating what we don’t want.

All the experts say to THINK POSITIVE.

And yes, there is a place for it.

Our thoughts are powerful.

But not so much when it is the chocolate that is covering poo.

You can think as positive as you want all day long.

Say all the positive things all day long.

And get nowhere fast.

Sure, you will see some difference in your life. But not the significant changes or shifts you are hoping for or even promised by others who teach you to do this.

Chocolate covered poo can look like affirmations you don’t believe. Telling yourself lies until you trick yourself into believing them.

You know, the “fake it until you make it” strategy.

But wait, what if you sprinkle colorful candy on it to make it look even better with all the self-care, hard work and spiritual practices that we “should” be doing

It’s still covering poo. πŸ’©

Until you take the time to uncover what is really going on underneath the surface….

lack of self worth
no confidence
not being enough

…. and finally make peace with them, you will never be able to move forward in your own healing.

You will never become the healer you know in your heart you can be.

You will never serve the way you know you are meant to serve.

You will never have the thriving healing business you know you want to experience!

If I described you, you are not alone.

Chocolate covered poo is prevalent in the healing community.

I see a ton of healers getting stuck in either ignoring the poo, or getting stuck and swimming in the poo as they over-process and over-analyze what's going on.

There is another way!!

A more desirable way.

When you surrender, get curious, and stop resisting poo, it will turn into fertilizer and allow all the seeds you are planting to be nourished and flourish beyond your imagination!!


From this place…

Choosing your thoughts, choosing your practices, choosing your vibration, choosing your possibilities becomes SO MUCH easier, aligned and more fun!

If you are interested in real yummy, pure chocolate, then I have some waiting for you at the Peaceful Magic Retreat in February.

Instead of sprinkles, it will have sparkles.πŸ˜‰

Not interested in waiting until February? Feel free to schedule a call and we can transmute your poo!

With peace, love, and a lot of magic,


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