Play is Your Natural State


Play is more than the light, fluffy, feel good experiences that can seem frivolous.

It actually helps with healing, prosperity, and moving through barriers so you can experience the magic we are all longing for, yet we think it can only happen after the "real" work is done.

Some even feel that play is a dangerous distraction and keep them from their responsibilities. 

That's why Cathleen and I feel strongly about giving you a better understanding about play and how you can bring it into your life vs staying stuck in pain and struggle.

Because play is your natural state!

 It takes courage to say yes to rest and play
in a culture when exhaustion is seen as a status symbol." ~Brene' Brown

Enjoy the conversation in the video with other healers, like yourself and learn more about play and find ways to bring it back into your life. 

This is what we talked about...

πŸ’ž Redefining and opening up what play really is.

πŸ’ž Why play is not available when we are in a state of worry.

πŸ’ž Why play is important for you and your clients...inflammation is actually alleviated with play.

πŸ’ž How to make a shift from physical play to emotional, mental and spiritual play.

πŸ’ž How activate play at will even when you are in states of overwhelm and anxiety. (Cathleen leads us all through an experience to do this.)

πŸ’ž How to allow more play, even if you see it as dangerous because it's a distraction.

Here's what a few people shared from our time together...

🌈"I have had very hard boundaries between play and work, and to open those channels of curiosity and wonder in work and allow myself to soften in work."

🌈"I've never thought about making it okay to play."

🌈"Thank you for bringing the unconscious conscious. You validated that I am on the right track."

🌈"I need more people to play with."

🌈"I sense that if I can bring an element of play into what I do, I will probably have a lot more energy and stop fighting myself."

If you'd like to experience this lightness of being, come play with us at an upcoming Peaceful Magic Retreat.  Play naturally happens here because of the freedom that is created energetically. 

 "We need to play so that we can rediscover the magic all around us." ~Flora Colao

With peace, love, and a lot of magic,


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