Peekaboo... I see you.

Even though you are hiding. I still see you.

As healers, we are being pulled to be more, step into our power, and be a bright light.

But it scares the bejeezus out of us.

And we hide. Thinking this will keep us safe.

But in reality, it stunts our growth. It dims our light.

And it becomes more and more painful because we are not honoring who we are and the gifts we are here to share.

It feels like a part of us is dying.

We may even get sick in our physical bodies with an illness or an injury.

It's time to stop hurting yourself.

It's time to stop hiding.

There are lots of ways healers hide. Here are three:


This is HUGE!

When I was under earning, I justified this because I wanted to make sure I was accessible to everyone. But in REALITY, what was underneath all of that is that if I charged more, that meant I had to show up differently. Bigger. Brighter.

😱Blaming or acquiescing to spouses/partners

I see this ALL the time. (And I did a fair share of it myself over the years.)

How many decisions are you making to "keep the peace" and not upset your partner? Do you feel like you have to ask for permission from your partner to step into your dream and your healing work?  

I LOVE my hubby. But I noticed that because he was brining in more money, I felt like I had to ask permission to do what my heart longed to do. (There is a different energy between having a conversation around it and asking for permission.)

And while he has been VERY supportive, I let his own scarcity, his own beliefs on what is possible take precedence over my knowing.

After years of doing this, I realized I was using him as an excuse as to why I wasn't expanding, growing and being in my power.

This wasn't fair to him, or myself!

Once I stopped blaming him, and stopped letting myself be affected by his energy is the day I became FREE. I still remember it. It wasn't a conversation he and I had, it was simply me claiming responsibility for ME.

And now our relationship is even better!!


What if you don't have a partner or spouse?

Where are you letting this keep you hidden? I hear healers say, "I have to stay in this job because I don't have a spouse."  

Just notice where you may also be using this as a way of hiding.

🌱Not honoring your inner knowing.

Your inner voice is talking to you, but you are honoring your fears and your doubts more.

Do you feel like you have to have it all figured out before you can take the first step?

Are you staying in a job longer than necessary?

Are you seeking outside of yourself for all the answers with more programs? more certifications? more information?

Let yourself be seen by yourself.

Let someone who knows what's possible see you.

Let being seen be safe.

I SEE you.

And I want you to know what it feels like... maybe for the first time in your life.

If you are ready to come out of hiding. Let's find a time to talk.…/breakthrough-session-personal-invite

Notice other ways you are hiding? Shed some light on this and share with us in our Facebook group.

With love,


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