Mystical Forest at Peaceful Heart Theme Song


Written & Performed by Sarah Lynch

Legend speaks of a mystical realm hidden deep in the woods

A world unseen by human eyes, unless the heart is pure

Take flight on the wings of a fairy guide, watch the elements sparkle and shine

Dance to the music of the wood nymph’s harp echoing through the night.

Step inside, step inside, enter this magical forest

Step inside, step inside & dance to a fairy chorus

Catch a glimpse of a one-horned steed shimmering into the night

Heal your soul with a touch of the tears pooling in his eyes.

Step inside, step inside to a world of beauty & pageant

Step inside, step inside & bathe in unicorn magic

Step inside, step inside & join this mystical chorus

Step inside, step inside, come home to the magical forest.

Welcome home to the magical forest.


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