Meeting a Guru

I'd love to share a story about meeting my first Guru.

I was so excited and curious!

I wondered what the energy would feel like in the room.

What would be activated simply by being in the presence of someone who is enlightened?

I was open and ready to receive and experience this new adventure as we sat waiting for him to arrive and be perched on the elevated seat in front of us.

With a big smile on his face and in his heart, he entered the room with grace, gentleness, and playfulness.

As new comers, DeWayne (my husband) and I lined up with other newbies to be blessed by him, one by one.

And then we meditated.

During the question and answer session about meditation and self-realization, it became clear that there were many devout followers of Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi.

They treated him with so much love and reverence.

It was beautiful.

And to be honest, a little eerie.

As I sat there it became very clear that most people were there craving to receive guidance and answers from him.

I was having the opportunity to witness what it looked like and how it felt when others were giving their power away, simply by creating separation.

But the truth is that there is no separation.

There is no difference between me and Shri Babaji.

There is no difference from anyone in that room and Shri Babaji.

Yet, the very thing he was wanting to liberate people from was being reinforced with all the pomp and circumstance.

He was there to share the liberation of everyone knowing who they truly are, and people were placing him on a pedestal, literally and energetically.

At the end, I went up to ask a private question, although now I wish I had asked it in front of everyone.

“What is it like being a Guru?”

He told me that he does not see himself as a Guru, but rather a mentor and friend. Guru is a label other people have placed on him.

His answer was refreshing and simple.

Just like any truth.

And this is what was activated for me simply by being there.


Like me, you have probably been on the path of self-realization for a long time.

Relying on certain practices, teachers, and modalities to lead the way.

This causes us to constantly look outside ourselves for the answers, buying all the 5 step programs promising if we do it their way, we would get what we want.

I’ve done this for many years purchasing all kinds of programs, following certain teachers, hanging on every word they said.

But this is just the BEGINNING of the path.

We are not meant to stay in the seeking energy.

Because anytime we see something outside ourselves as more powerful, or having the answers, we are in victim energy.

I know that may be hard to hear.

It can even be as subtle as seeing "The Universe" as something separate as yourself with comments like "The Universe has my back." etc.

Because the truth is, you are not separate from the Universe. Or God. Or the stars. Or even the Unicorns and other celestial beings.

There becomes a time when you step through the door and see yourself as Divine. And on the other side of this door is where all the secrets are unlocked by looking within.

It is here you can embrace your inner truth and become comfortable with the mystery of life.

What a paradox!

Seek within and find the comfort in the mystery of life!  

If you feel like you are ready to stop seeking outside yourself, then come home to yourself and experience a natural balance within your being.

I have found small intimate retreats provide the perfect space for you to settle into yourself.

Be warned that this does NOT come from a head knowing, gaining more information or having to "do more."

It comes from a heart knowing and a deep understanding.

You will learn how to BE with and SEE yourself and life in a new, playful way.

Ultimately, you will experience this so deeply that you will open your heart to all of yourself, fully and completely with so much love.

Retreats are time to breath life into your inner being.

A reset and an unlocking.

A time where you will know what inner peace really feels like.

A time where you get to delight in the magic of who you are.

These retreats are a magical HOMECOMING.

This is what Majesstik had to say about her experience...

"This retreat helped me to trust in myself unlike anything I have done. So much permission was granted by Marlo and the space to relax and to be free. A Divine sovereignty that I hadn’t had access to."

Are you ready to experience this for yourself?

Learn More about Peaceful Heart Retreats 

With peace, love and a lot of magic,


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