When Mary Got her Wings


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Here's a little more about Mary....


Once upon a time, there was a glorious, powerful,  divine being who knew she was being called to step out bigger and freer than she had before.


She was already sharing her gifts as a yoga teacher and yoga studio owner, but she saw herself on a global stage sharing her message and her magic with the world.


Through her own "work" and going on a Surrender Adventure and  attending a Peaceful Magic Retreat with her new Unicorn friend, she was set free.


The last morning of her retreat, she pulled a special message from the Unicorns. It was through the card of Abundance with an image of a Unicorn Pegasus with rainbow wings.


To her, it was a confirmation that she was complete and she had been given her rainbow wings of abundance.


Without voicing that she wanted wings to dance around with, her Unicorn friend was inspired to bring out butterfly wings so she could fully express and embody her transformation.


It was pure magic!


With a squeal of delight, she pranced and danced around the magical meadow and the spiral labyrinth.


Feeling her Freedom, her Divinity, and her Joy.



Fast forward to today.


Mary is on her GLOBAL stage. 


It looks different than the original vision because it was beyond her imaginination of what was possible!


The Universe is SO FUN that way!


Because she kept saying YES!, the Global stage found her and it is beyond perfect.  It's a true expression of her gifts and her heart.


She has started her own publishing company, Divine Destiny Publishing, giving space for others to share their message alongside her and live their Divine Destiny!


She is also the magical creator of the upcoming global Ignite Your Prosperity Summit that is coming up next week.  2-22-22!


It has been such a treat and honor to watch her story unfold and to be wrapped in her rainbow wings of abundance.


I am thrilled to play with Mary this way as a contributor to her upcoming book AND her global summit.


We share a bit more about it in this video above.


Sending you lots of peace, magic, and an invitation to play in the possibilities with us!

🦋 🦄 🦋


Marlo & Mary


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