Let Go of this ONE thing to experience PEACE

If you are like me, you hear the term "letting go" an awful lot.  

It gets thrown around in yoga class, spiritual talks and books.  (I know I've certainly done this!)

But what are we actually letting go of?

For some it feels like a death in letting go of a job or business, a relationship, a feeling, or even a belief.

These can be terrifying to let go of and often happen as we go kicking and screaming inside.  

NO! I don't want to let go of this!!

But the ONLY thing that really has to be let go of is something so subtle yet so profound that will change everything.  

After you let go of what I am about to share with you, you will realize it actually has nothing to do with what you think you have to let go of.

And if it is, then it goes with more grace and more ease.

It's no longer scary.

Are you ready to know what the one thing is?

🥁Drum Roll....

It's letting go of RESISTANCE.

That's it!

When we resist, we create tension in our mind, our heart and our body. 

It creates struggle, avoidance, pressure, and it ultimately restricts the flow of energy and possibilities.

And it makes our world oh-so-small.

I used to think that if I felt resistance in any form, that was a sign that I was not supposed to go that direction.  

But in reality, I was resisting resistance. 

And I bet you are doing some version of the same thing.

I see it with all the healers I work with.  

Often times they don't even know what they are resisting.

Resistance can be a tricky thing to uncover.   

One incredible healer I worked with was working her tail off to become prosperous, but because of her resistance to being in "survival" it was the thing that blocked her from actually receiving prosperity!

Once you discover what you are resisting and  lean into it, it has the opportunity to dissolve, to disappear, and ultimately let go.

It creates space, leaving a clear and wider path.

And this is the work.

Check in and see if you have any the following going on in your world because resistance can take on many forms.

Resistance is happening when..

* It feels like things are either right or wrong,  good or bad.

* A lot of effort is going into trying to figure things out.

* There is urgency to have something happen by a certain time.

* You do whatever you can to control the outcome.

* You feel like you have to do it yourself.

* You are not okay with what is happening.

* You want all the bad feelings, pain and patterns to go away.

* You make different decisions because you care too much about what other people think.

* You are under-earning.

* You are proving something.

* You are triggered by what someone else does or says.

Can you add to this list?

Join us for a Surrender Adventure

If you would like to uncover what you are resisting and then create the space for it to go, you are invited to join me for a small intimate retreat adventure to live in the world of possibility and openness.

With peace, love, and a lot of magic,


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