It's time to loosen your grip

Do you spin your wheel and spend tons of time trying to “figure it out?” 

Are you frustrated because you know you are here to do something that fulfills you and your purpose but you can’t seem to connect to it fully?

I know this all too well. 

And I sometimes still get sucked in the “figuring it out” mode.

But now I catch it and can turn it around.

It gets tricky because we are trained to use our thinking and the power of our mind to set your path to mastery.

But this is not where we get the answers.

The truth is the path actually gets revealed to us.

Which means this requires us to pay attention in a different way.

We have to soften our grip.

And we have to stop trying to make something happen.

This takes faith and trust with a whole lot of PATIENCE.  

And mastery in ourselves to know how to connect with this path in a way that serves us and our reason for being here.

For most of us in here we can not act on ideas.  

At least not right away.

We must wait for something to confirm for us that it is the right idea and that the timing is now.

Let that soak in.

You must wait for something to confirm that it is the right idea and that the timing is now.

No forcing. No pushing. 

You are able to do this with greater ease when you know how to use your energy correctly and trust your inner guidance.

When we do this we discover our own magic and see how light and playful life can be.

We can let go of control, trying to make something happen, and wasting our energy holding so tightly onto something that is probably not for us anyway.

Let me ask you...

Are you ready to know how to master your energy so you can relax and engage with life differently?

Come hang out with us in the Peaceful Magic group.  We've been having a lot of fun engagement in there.

Feel free to share if this resonated with you in the comments in the group or send me a private email simply by responding to this one. I'm on the other side.

Here's to loosing the grip and enjoying the path as it unfolds for you.

With peace, love and a lot of magic,

P.S. The photo above is after I completed the Bridge of the Goddess 10K run. What's something that is fun and honoring for yourself?


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