I saw the signs....

Six months ago, I was given a few signs that made it very clear on what’s next for me.  


But I wasn’t thrilled with what showed up.  Even so, I knew it was important for me to say YES to this invitation.


It all began when I was re-reading my breast cancer story I had shared in my facebook group 4 years ago.  It was a facinating story and reminded me of how powerful the experience was for me and my friends who journeyed with me.  I ended my writing saying how inspired I was to offer a retreat for women with breast cancer to help them release all their fears and to make clean and clear decisions like I had experienced.


I actually tried putting this retreat together soon after that original inspiration, but it didn’t happen, so I let it go.


Then 30 minutes later I get a text from a friend asking if I had ever considered offering a retreat for women with breast cancer.


I stood there in shock reading this out of the blue text, and remember thinking:


“UGH!  You've got to be kidding!?! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!   I don’t want to do that!!!!”


As I was stomping my feet like a little kid, I was able to see all the resistance I had to this idea.


Once my temper tantrum ended,  I took a deep breath, paused and then said:


Okay, Universe. I hear you.  I’m willing to step into this fully if this is really important for me to do.  But I need a CLEAR and RANDOM sign to let me know before I fully accept this mission.”


I had no idea what that would look like or if I would even get one.  But it came fast and in a way I couldn't ignore.


The next day, DeWayne and I went walking downtown Hood River, which we rarely do. As we were walking back to our car,  we were heading towards an art gallery of local artists.  


Even though I‘ve walked by this gallery before, this time was different.  There was something glowing from the window that captured my attention from across the street.


When I got close to it, I knew it was my sign.  


It was THE perfect sign, because it was a shelf full of mugs with boobs on them.  One even had a mastectomy design! 


If you've experienced a retreat with me, you know that mugs hold a significant place in the retreats. So there really couldn't have been a better sign for this to be about the retreat I was meant to do. 


Wow. Wow. Wow.


I'm still in awe of the cleverness of the Universe and how it was able to deliver the sign I was asking for in the perfect way.  


It was SO clear and random!


Having this retreat percolate in the background for months, I've been letting it inform me.  And it has shown me where I need to release resistance and control, and create enough space for all the puzzle pieces to land in their own timing.


It continues to be a practice of patience, presence and trust.


It’s also requiring me to create retreats in a new and special way.


It's kinda funny because even with the strong signs, I have found myself questioning this from time to time.  And when I do, then another signs appears reminding me why I am doing this and to not take it so seriously, even with such a heavy topic.


It's important for me to be with the process of creating this retreat in a light and playful way, just like I went through my breast cancer experience.


Right now, the retreat is almost ready to share with the world.  


It is a solo retreat, guided by me for women who are recently diagnosed with breast cancer.   It's designed  to be a beautiful and powerful experience including a retreat kit filled with everything they need. It's been fun putting that together!


What's even more amazing is that it is setting the stage for other solo guided retreats because I know how important it is to be in our own energy, like this past month as been for me. 


So, Marlo,  that gives you a little peek into what’s been brewing in the background with me in this time of silence and recharging.


I look forward to sharing more as it unfolds.


Until then, I’m curious… 


What signs have been showing up for you? 

How can you ask for clearer signs?

Are you willing to surrender to them?

What resistance do you notice in saying YES to your calling?


With so much peace, love and magic,



P.S. If you are curious about the mugs, you can visit the artist's website here. Somegirls Pottery.


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