Higher Dimensional Purpose to Goals

Did you know there is a higher dimensional purpose to goals?

This is not what many of us have been taught.

Goals, from a higher dimension, have NOTHING to do with achieving them.

When I understood this it blew my mind, but I also felt a sense of complete relief.

Because what used to "work" for me no longer did.

My journey with goals has been an interesting one.  I used to love setting them, planning and strategizing.  Then after time of not achieving them or being dissatisfied even if I did, I stopped  and avoided setting goals all together. 

Now I use them as a tool to clean up my energy and surrendering fully to what wants to happen.

Before I share that with you, I feel it is important to give you a sense of goals in all the different dimensions to get a full understanding.


Goals in the different dimensions.


In the 3rd Dimension, life is seen and experienced as linear and conditional.

It's super noisy, with a a lot of judgement of right/wrong and good/bad.  

This is the place most people set goals from because we want to control something, we need approval from others and ourselves,  or we seek security.

"When I have X, then I will be happy. "

From here, goals are fueled by our not-enoughness, fear, people pleasing, shadows, attachments, urgency, pressure and lack.

This causes us to push, prove, and strive for something "better."


In the 4th Dimension, things begin to open up a bit.  This is the space where it's more fluid and balanced.  We feel like we are becoming more aligned and our emotions begin to dissipate.  We begin to experience non attachment, paradox, choice and possibility.

This is where most of us get "stuck" but we are not meant to live here.

There is another space to be called into and goals can help create the space for the higher dimension to become available to us.

And it's the 5th Dimension.  

Here we are in a complete space of BEING and ALLOWING.  

You get quiet and know you are not separate from the Universe and you know things are happening in the background.

Instead of have to's, shoulds, or not doing or having enough, you begin to play and get out of efforting.

There is nothing to fix here.

You get to experience life as ease. 

You step out of the way. (It's more your ego steps out of the way.)

You stop working so hard and let clear answers come. 

You are so comfortable in unknown, in fact you want to be surprised and delighted.


Check in with yourself: How do you work with goals?

  • Pushing, punishing, shaming yourself into action.
  • The more I want it, the more likely it will happen.
  • S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timebound.)
  • Visualize… say it out-loud every day
  • Figure it out
  • Strategize & Plan
  • Plan backwards
  • Require accountability where you tell someone so they don’t let you off the hook. This is most coaching programs out there.
  • Only focus on things that support your goal
  • Striving
  • Filling a gap of what you want to be difference or change
  • Visualize, vision boards, raising vibration
  • Positive thinking
  • Mindset
  • Rely on outside forces or motivation
  • Will and determination
  • Focused on end result and what will I get.

It get's confusing because many people think they are working in higher dimensions if they do the visualizing, positive thinking, new mindset or even vision boards.

But in reality, it really just keeps people spinning in the same gunk.

I know because I used to do that and even teach it!  What I realized it ultimately kept me stuck in old patterns, old habits thinking I was doing it differently.

No wonder New Year's Resolutions and typical goals don't seem to work, even when you apply typical mindset and manifesting techniques to them!


The Higher Dimension Purpose of Goals

Now  it feels like I can share what the higher dimension purpose of goals are.

The goal is a place to come from, not a place to get to.  

This means it has nothing to do with the outcome.

The purpose is to let the goals uncover all your beliefs and stories and leaky energy in your life.

Working with your goals become a entrance into the 5th dimension. 

The goals turn into a promise or a devotion to your higher self and pure essence.

It's not about what you want, but what wants to happen.


Let me share what becomes available for you when you work with goals from the higher dimension.

  • Things will fall into place, obstacles will melt away, and whatever is necessary — money, time, work, people, and opportunities will appear as needed.
  • Finding yourself in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.
  • Experiencing life unfolding using your intuition.
  • Replacing struggle with cooperation and ease.
  • Filling your days with meaning, space, purpose and ease.
  • Experiencing deeper trust and peace in all areas of your life.

After reading all of that, are you interested in being with goals in a new way?

If you are, I invite you to join me for any of the retreats or events, especially the Unicorn Goal Setting one.

Every time we come together we have play in the higher dimensions where you remember your own magic and stand in your self-mastery.

Come play!


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