Financial Flow Retreat at Home

It's hard to believe that DeWayne and I are coming up on our 23 year anniversary. 

It's been quite a ride!

I half jokingly say that the two things that have saved our marriage is when we got a GPS and when we started managing our money in a really special way.

Trying to navigate directions using a paper map and my intuition caused us so much stress and many arguments.

And so did money.  

You see, we were never taught how to really be in a healthy relationship with money individually, let alone as a couple.

Sure we learned how to "budget" and "balance our checkbooks," but that was about it.

It didn't help that I'm the spender in the family. And DeWayne is the saver.

He's always made more than me, too.

He was in the military and I was either working for a non-profit, or trying to get a business up and running between all our moves.

This created a dynamic of him being the "parent figure" to me, feeling like I had to ask for money or explain purchases he didn't like.  

This caused resentment to build up in both of us.

And it was SOOO yucky!

I'm so grateful we finally learned how to manage our money in a way that has allowed us to balance our personalities and really create a way for us to be PARTNERS with each other and money.

It has created a beautiful flow through our lives in a balanced, harmonious, meaningful and MAGICAL way.

We went from having tons of debt and living paycheck to paycheck to experiencing more flow and seeing a shift in our finances within a few months of managing our money.


Over the last 16 years, we've been able to...

  • Retire in our 40's.
  • Buy two new cars and not feel it.
  • Invest in ways that match our values.
  • Purchase and maintain our retreat space.
  • Navigate breast cancer and the Covid-19 lockdown without financial hardship.
  • Experienced a few years of financial freedom before we decided to buy our current retreat center.
  • Have choices.


Once we got the system in place,   we've spent about 10 minutes a month, stopped balancing our checkbooks and said good-bye to budgeting.  



Why am I sharing this with you??

If I'm really honest with you, I've been dragging my feet for MONTHS in sharing this because it is so different than my other core-teachings, but there is something in the collective because the nudge to share this with you is really STRONG.

I know this is needed and really valuable because it has made such a big impact on my life and and everyone we've shared it with.

Plus...I don't see this side of money being taught. 

It's so different than the typical teachings that are out there right now about how to make more money, how to invest, and how to have an abundance mindset.

This is super practical at the foundational level. It's setting up the system to really honor the money that is already flowing in, without it feeling like a yucky budget or being stuck in scarcity.

I add a splash of magic to make it more fun and even more effective! 

Please know that it doesn't' matter how much you have flowing into your life right now, or if you are single or married, or in partnership. 

This way of managing your money WORKS and you get to personalize it to you and your life!


Your invitation...

If you would like to experience more financial flow, freedom and fun you are invited to experience this in two ways.

Option 1: Experience support and guidance as a self-guided program with all the tools and resources and instructions to being this journey in your own time. Learn more.


Option 2: The really fun way is to join me in a special retreat in the comfort of your own home where you get more personalized support, clean up your energy around managing your money, plus be held in a month long container to make sure you have supper while you are living into your new system. Learn more.

Option 1:

Magical Money Management

Doors Open Dec 1
Self - guided journey
Investment: $88
Lifetime access to all resources and teachings.


Option 2:

Financial Flow Retreat at Home

November 27-29 + Day retreat sometime in January.
Private Support in-between retreats
Investment: $386
Small Group of 8 people.


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