Fearing Fear

On a hike, I was overcome with a subtle energy leak we may have.

It’s being afraid of fear.

Everywhere I turn, people are trying to avoid the news or conversations that are fear-based.

We are even telling people not to be in fear around all what’s happening with the virus.

I’ve done it too.

But what is coming in clear is that fear is the way through.

It’s a piece of the transformation.

So I’m checking in with myself where I’m resisting fear. Where I’m afraid of what might happen because of fear.

I was afraid that if the masses where in fear that we would all be doomed and it was up to me and other light workers to be strong and carry this for humanity.

I’m not afraid of that anymore. And now I’m showing up more clean and clear.

My decisions are not coming from a place of saving, fixing, holding.

When I had breast cancer I made a commitment to myself that I would not make a decision out of fear. (Best thing I did for myself!!)

What that meant is that I had to BE with fear every time it showed up. Fear of losing my hair. Fear of being sick. Fear of dying. Fear of not being able to follow my dream of retreats. Fear of pain. Fear of the unknown. Fear of not trusting myself. (I had a long list.)

I spent time with every single one of them.

That was the only way I was able to make a clean, clear decision that set me free.

By being with fear....

I am not afraid of cancer.

I am not afraid of the virus.

I am not afraid of what will happen to humanity.

I am not afraid of the unknown.

I am not afraid of what will happen to me.

I am not afraid to re-enter the world.

And if a fear does surface. I will spend time with it.

Are you willing to welcome fear?


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