emBODY Surrender Story

I find it hard to put into words what happens during my retreats, whether they are in person or online.

Both offer potent magic that even surprises me.

And unless you experience it for yourself, it's hard to believe what is possible or how powerful surrender can actually be.

That's why I asked Jo if she would be willing to share what happened for her, in her own words.

May you enjoy her story and receive new insights or awarenesses for yourself with a glimmer of what is possible for you with surrender.

Letter from Jo...

"Once again, I have discovered the amazing power of surrender through an enlightening facetime conversation with Marlo, during a follow-up she offered to everyone who attended her wonderful virtual Winter Solstice Retreat.

A couple of frustrations were cropping up for me at home, which I appreciate as a wonderful result of the many incredible shifts in thinking that showed up during the retreat, so Marlo and I set up some time to chat.

I am recovering from two different broken bones within the last 6 months, and the carpal tunnel in my left wrist was flaring up. I was also struggling, trying to figure out why all this was happening and why it wasn’t improving the way I thought it should. I was still also finding it difficult to ask for help, because I didn’t want to appear weak.

One of the things we discovered was that I was too focused on the need to know why these physical issues weren’t healing the way I felt they should. As we talked, it became clear that surrendering was the key. I surrendered to the need to know why, and the fear of appearing weak when asking for help. My attitude towards both has improved dramatically!

Marlo also walked me through a new understanding of surrendering to the carpal tunnel, which I’ve had for quite a while. I was spending way too much time and effort focusing on it, and trying to “get rid of” it. She helped me look at it in a whole new light, through complete surrender, by welcoming, and embracing the carpal tunnel, no matter what! I definitely have an open, new relationship with the carpal tunnel, which is so much more fun than when I was constantly fighting it!

The most amazing, and surprising belief that I had not realized I needed to surrender to, was the fact that I did not want to be old! I knew I wasn’t too crazy about turning 69, but I finally was able to face the fact that I was resisting, and denying anything that was happening to me because of my age! As Marlo and I worked through this realization, she reminded me that I am not my body! The more we talked, the more my attitude toward my body began to change. I could feel a definite release, opening up, and surrendering to the joy of being any age!

I am experiencing a new and amazing love for my body and a whole new delightful energy in my spiritual being!

Thank you, dear, amazing and Magical Marlo for who you are and sharing you with us!

P.S. The morning after our chat, I woke up, realizing Delight was my word for 2021!"


WOW!   Isn't that incredible?

Jo's willingness to truly emBODY surrender has been so inspiring to me.

It makes me wonder what an entire retreat dedicated to our body and surrender will offer everyone who comes!

If you would like to play in the realm of delight in your spiritual, mental, and physical body, it would be an honor to share the upcoming retreat with you.

Jo, thank you for sharing yourself with all of us and for your loving words. I love you sparkly, surrender sister!

With peace, love and a lot of magic,



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