Dare to Sparkle

I remember the moment I chose Sparkle as my word for the year.  

A word that would change my life.

I had been living in a co-housing community in Portland for a year or so and I was still trying to find my place there.

Even though we were a community, doing community things (meals, meetings, work parties, events, and meetings about meetings), I felt like there was something missing and we were not honoring or celebrating each other in a meaningful way.

I noticed that people's birthdays were only acknowledged if it happened to be on or near one of the already planned gatherings, or if a neighbor took it upon themselves to plan something for someone else.

So I got together with a few creative and willing friends/neighbors and we decided to make giant, personalized birthday posters for all 53 members over the next year.  

We took time and care to design the poster specific for that person and then secretly placed it on their door for everyone to see and share special birthday wishes.

We became the Birthday Fairies, spreading love and letting each person know they were seen and celebrated by the community.

I was amazed at how much people loved them!  

With only a few more months left of our year commitment, a friend shared this with me...  

"I hate those fucking birthday posters!" 

Whoa! 😳

Not what I was expecting AT ALL!

As I listened to her, I could feel my light dimming and shrinking.

Over the next few days, I was "off" as I witnessed all the times and ways I have dimmed my light trying to please everyone.

Even if it meant sacrificing my own radiance.

I'm so grateful she shared how much she hated the posters, because it woke me up from the illusion I trapped myself in.

Hearing how much someone could hate birthday posters, even though they were filled with the purest intention and so much love, jolted me awake from the illusion that I could please EVERYONE. 


It helped me realize that if I couldn't please everyone with a Birthday poster, then nothing could.

And if I was more committed to trying to please everyone, a part of me would die.


So instead, I made the commitment to Sparkle.
No. Matter. What.


This is what I KNOW now.

✨ It is more important to be willing to Sparkle, than it is to have my Sparkle be seen or appreciated by others.

✨ BEING Sparkly was way more light, playful and magical than trying to become a floodlight or spotlight to MAKE others SEE me.

✨ Sparles are a mysterious and mystical twinkling that magnetizes the most amazing people and places. 

✨ My job is to devote myself to my inner light by cleaning and clearing away the beliefs and stories that keep it hidden from myself.

✨ Sparkling is not something we DO.  It's a way of BEING our truest, most radiant selves.  The Sparkle happens naturally.

✨ My Sparkle journey has uncovered the deep shadows of codependency, which has offered new realms of freedom and ease.


I know that choosing to Sparkle has opened my heart and my life to more peace and magic.

And you know what?

My year of Sparkle was a BLAST!

I was able to find sparkly pens, glitter folders, sparkle quotes, sparkly headbands, and my friends really got into supporting me by sending me sparkly cards, messages, and even a pillow!

This wasn’t planned, it just happened.

It was a year full of reminders for me to Sparkle and to keep showing up AS MYSELF FOR MYSELF.

I have the Unicorns to thank for that, too. I know they  were working their magic with me behind the scene, even if I wasn't open to them or their magic all those years ago.

That's why I am so excited to INVITE you to the upcoming SPARKLE Retreat at Home with me and the Unicorns!


It's the perfect Season to Sparkle.


Registration is officially open until December 7th or when it fills with 8 magical people.

Follow this link to learn more about the retreat.


May you let yourself BE your Inner Sparkle.

May you let GO of whatever is hiding your light.

May you let IN your truest radiance.

May you Surrender to Your Sparkle.


From my sparkly heart to yours!



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