Breaking the Spell of Codependency

Oh my!

I have a really hot topic and invitation for us to explore today!

It's all about codependency.

After spending time with codependency and getting to know what it means, how (and where) it shows up in my life, I am finally breaking the spell. (or cell, which is what one of my friends thought I said.😂)

It's taken a few years of deep inner work to see where I over-give, have been over-responsible for others, and where I've had that strong need to be needed.

I have seen how it has woven its way through my relationships, jobs, my health, and I've just recently noticed the ways I've been codependent with my business, and even the Universe! (So, it's not just relationships with people!!)

Here's a little peek into my experience that just touches the surface.  

There was a time when I accepted compliments and words of affirmation as payment for my work. 

And when people said they wanted my energy I was honored and said "Oh please, take as much as you want!" 

All because it felt like I was needed.

And if I'm honest, I loved to be needed.

I loved knowing that someone felt better, even if it was at my expense.

It took the world stopping and everyone being in their own stuff for me to truly experience the freedom and spaciousness that is available when we untangle and break the spells of codependency.

I noticed how it has paralyzed me, drained my life force, and filled me with anxiety and confusion.

I know I'm not the only one because this has been a hot topic in most of my conversations with others.

This frequency of codependency is up for us all in the collective right now and this season offers a potent portal for us to dismantle this way of being.

I see it clearly.

Codependence is masquerading in our lives as service, as love, and as empowerment.

But it's really covering up fear, attachment, division, and disempowerment.

It's deceptive and sneaky!!

Not only are we going through this in the world right now, there is SO much to share and explore with this frequency.

It's too much to share via email, plus it needs to be an experience to drop it from a head knowing to a heart and body knowing.

That's why I am creating a special space for anyone who is ready to lean into this level of self-awareness and set yourself (and others) FREE by attending a 4 day retreat in the comfort of your own home. This allows you to practice, apply and integrate the retreat in real time. 

Breaking the spell of codependency is the key to your awakened path and accessing the realms of magic!


This may be for you if...

❣️You keep looking outside yourself for validation and fulfillment.

❣️Have a need to be needed and don't know who you are without that. (I still get hooked by this one!)

❣️You are a people pleaser. (hello!?!)

❣️You have a strong tendency to over-give.

❣️ You can be clingy, needy, or overly sensitive.

❣️ You fear being alone.

❣️ You feel over-responsible for others and their feelings and actions.

❣️ It's challenging to make decisions because you are considering everyone else.

❣️ It's hard for you to say no to others, and yes to yourself.

❣️ You've sacrificed a part of your true self in a relationship.

❣️Have a hard time keeping your energetic integrity when you are with others.

❣️ Rely on the behavior of others to feel happy and safe.

❣️ Have Gene Key 19 in your profile. (Not sure? You can get your profile here.)


(This list could go on and on.  You can google codependency and see how it resonates for you.)


In this retreat we will learn how to:

🪄Wake up from codependence and step into self-mastery. 

🪄See behind the veil and become aware of the subtle layers of codependency in all areas of your life.

🪄 Begin to break your codependency from everything to truly be FREE!

🪄Set healthy energetic boundaries in a way that feels honoring.

🪄 How to be sovereign in your own energy and be able to be centered, clean and clear in your relationships with yourself and others.

🪄How to feed your own needs and balance them with the needs of others.

🪄 Move from over-sensitivity to finding strength in your sensitivity. 

🪄Dissolve your codependence with your thoughts, beliefs, opinions, emotional patterns, and even your relationship with the Universe.

🪄Access different frequencies and move into higher dimensions of magic.

🪄 Plus mystery & magic as it unfolds for us.


If you feel like it's time for you to do this deeper, intimate healing, join us for this retreat.

As with all my retreats, it will be gentle and playful and personalized to YOU, where the heavy and profound work is done in the most deLIGHT*full way.  

And of course, the Unicorns want to come play with us. 🥰

Even if you don't join us, I hope you will consider doing your own exploration of codependency in your life.  I've included journal questions below that can offer guidance.

With much peace, love and magic!




Journal & Contemplation Questions

  • Where do you have a need to be needed?
  • What signals does your body give you when you've been giving too much?
  • Where are you denying a real need of yours?
  • What are you enduring right now?
  • What are you afraid will happen if you say "no" more often?
  • Where do you feel responsible for others?
  • How do you see codependency showing up for you with the upcoming holidays?



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