Being with Breast Cancer

I hope you never need this retreat.

But if you do, or you know someone who does, I'm grateful this is available now. And I'm honored to be the one bringing it into form.

Several months ago, I mentioned the calling to create a "Being with Breast Cancer Retreat." And it's finally ready to share with the women who are also ready for it.

I had to really lean into all the places it felt sticky to allow the path open up.

It has become clear that this retreat is not here to heal breast cancer, but rather to provide space for people to see breast cancer as a way to uncover what wants to be healed.

It is also very important to know that this is higher dimensional healing where we harmonize energies (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually).

Things finally clicked into place when I allowed it to be what it really wants to be.

And that is...

A Mystical Initiation.

Because that is exactly what it was for me when I had my own experience 4 years ago.

While I would never wish this upon anyone, I am forever grateful for what the experience offered me. It was my initiation into deeper trust, knowing and following my inner truth. It also opened me up to the higher dimensions and the realms of magic.

My mystical initiation required me to BE with all the aspects of having breast cancer, including the fears, the resistance, the urgency, and the shame, just to name a few.

My mystical initiation asked me to be surrendered.

Not so I would live.

So I was free.

I mention all of that with you so you can sense if this is something to share with your loved ones if they are navigating breast cancer right now.

This is so different than anything else that is being offered out there, so I realize it is not for everyone. But for the ones who it is for, it will be pure magic.

Their mystical initiation will allow them to make clean and clear decisions, be open to receive in ways they've never received before, and to know their power as a divine being.

If you do share it, I see you being an Ambassador of Peace & Magic, and I am deeply grateful because I know what kind of difference this can make for someone during this time.

I just ask that when you share it, that is it with no expectations or pressure for them to attend. They will know if it's for them or not. 😘

The first retreat will be a Retreat At Home in March with a small intimate group, and then be turned into a Retreat in a Box.

I've also included additional support before the retreat so they don't have to wait for March.

🌸 Learn More & Share the retreat 🌸

I know that sometimes it is hard to know how to support someone who is going through breast cancer, and they may not be able to verbalize what they need or want either. So if you would love more ideas of how you can support your loved one, let me know. I'm happy to share what felt supportive and nurturing to me.

From my heart to yours,



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