A sacred place to BE

As I prepare for the retreat in a few days, it made me realize I've never really shared about our story and pictures of our sacred space with you.

We created the Peaceful Heart Retreat Sanctuary as a magical, healing space nestled in the woods outside a small town in Oregon.

My hubby and I found our way here 3 years ago via Portland after he retired from the Air Force.

This has been a dream come true for us both.  And a calling for me.

Having a small retreat space has been an opportunity to bring all of our gifts, skills and favorite things into one place.

DeWayne has used his handy-work with all of the renovations along with his love of working on the land.

I love planning and offering the retreats focusing on energy, surrender, nature and other forms of emotional freedom to empower individuals for the collective consciousness shift.

We LOVE sharing our vortex filled with magical meadows, a peace path, nature spirits, Fairy Falls, and forest bathing.  

Our retreat space has been designed and created with so much devotion, intention and care. For example, we have crystal gridded the entire 5 acres to be an extra special healing space for you.

We also have Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) directed to our property, which is a technology that creates a high consciousness field. It recreates the feeling and benefits of high consciousness sacred places. This supports you in co-creating in a more nurturing environment:

+ To expand your consciousness.
+To sleep and meditate more deeply.
+ To boost your body’s natural healing ability.
+ To increase focus, concentration, creativity.
+ To experience an energized living/working space.

One person said it was the closest he’s been to heaven.

And everyone wants to stay a little longer because of how good it feels here.

Each retreat has been a healing time to everyone to finally take a deep exhale and come home to themselves.  They are able to listen to their inner knowing and receive clarity on what they want in their lives, what's next for them, and open their hearts to magic again.

Here’s what one retreater had to say,

“Even several months after the Peaceful Heart retreat my heart space is still warm and open to an abundance of attention and energy to business, and the fullness of life. I am gentler with myself, and I am still connected to the ladies I met there! I think regular retreats would be fantastic!”

In a world where a lot of our connections are online, it becomes even more important to spend meaningful time with other people where they are seen and supported in a way they haven’t before.

This is a powerful space for healing where there is space to breathe, rest, be nurtured and to BE so the deep inner work can happen with gentleness,  allowing for more peace and ease in their life.

Like I mentioned, there is a lot of care, attention and love that goes into this experience with high-vibe vegan food my hubby lovingly provides, comfortable beds, immediate access to nature, and the special yoga room where they can meditate and move their bodies.

Being part of everyone’s transformation has been a true gift. One where I am in constant awe getting to witness the lightness, the playfulness and the magic that happens here and continues in their lives when they return home.

I believe when we experience a deep sense of inner peace and connect with our divine magic, it overflows into our relationships, our businesses and our communities.

Ultimately, creating more healing and peace in our world.

My hope is to be able to share this time, this space, this vortex of peaceful magic with you.

With peace, love, and a lot of magic,


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