Gentle Guidance

This was originally written in 2013, and as I came across it in my computer, it has become another gentle nudge to bring me back to this space.

It has taken me years to finally understand (and accept) something about myself. While, it’s been there all along, it wasn’t until I recently came back from a yoga retreat that I have fully become aware that I like to be guided. Not in the tell-me-what-to-do kind of way but more of a gentle invitation to experience something new.

At the retreat, I loved being in the present moment, knowing that the day would unfold and was taken care of for me. All I had to do was show up and be open to the experience. It felt so good and freeing.

This simple idea of being gently guided could explain why I buy so many home-study programs and books to learn and apply something new to my life and my business. Or why I like a plan when I was training for triathlons, half marathons, and a full marathon. Or why I enjoy doing yoga at a yoga studio or with a DVD at home. Even the sailing program I teach guides me as the teacher and the students through a beautiful process. I also love having a clear hiking path ahead of me, so I can focus on being in nature and not having to bush-wack my way to blaze a new trail.

Even though these are great examples of how the theme of guidance shows itself in my life, there is another form of guidance that runs deeper and becomes the go-to-guidance in my life.

It’s my intuition.

This means, I check in with myself all the time to see what feels good and what feels off. For example, even though I am being guided in yoga, I sense if it is the right pose for me to try or to be gentle with myself and return to child’s pose. When I learn from a program, I sense if is in alignment with me and how to change it so would serve me better. This is the guidance we all have, whether you understand it or not. It takes practice and it is truly available for each of us. Promise.

“By using synchronicity for guidance, confirmation and validation, your life becomes a dance of energy with the universe, a give-and-receive with your environment that fill your day with insight and zest.” ~The Power of Flow

We are being guided by our inner voice and the synchronicities of the Universe all the time. It serves us well to pay attention and trust. It also allows us to practice going with the flow and experiencing the magic of how things unfold. I love living in this place.

How to deepen your gentle guidance

At the recent yoga retreat, we read “The Power of Flow” and one of the gems in this book shows how to develop the skills and ways to practice following your intuition and I thought it would be helpful to share them with you now.

  1. Make it your intention to increase your intuition.
  2. Learn how your intuition speaks to you. Is it gut feelings? Words? Images? Dreams? (Mine comes through a knowing in my body.)
  3. Trust it!
  4. Follow its guidance.
  5. Review what you’ve learned.

You can also practice by starting on the small things:

  • Before you make a decision, check in with yourself and practice taking action based on the guidance you received, even if it doesn’t make sense.
  • Pay attention to your seemingly random thoughts.
  • When you think of someone, call them and see what happens.
  • When you have a sense to take a different road on a routine route, do it.
  • Pay attention to how you feel when you are around certain people.

Please keep in mind that intuition is not something that can be controlled, forced or created. Simply by giving it your attention, relaxing into it in a playful way, and being open to what it has to say allows you to hear it more clearly and live in a place of dancing with the Universe.

Let’s absorb that more fully, because this is really important:

Intuition can’t be controlled, forced or created.

  • Give it your attention.
  • Relax into it in a playful way.
  • Be open to what it has to say and you.

With love, peace, and magic, 


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