Mystical Forest at Peaceful Heart Theme Song


Written & Performed by Sarah Lynch

Legend speaks of a mystical realm hidden deep in the woods

A world unseen by human eyes, unless the heart is pure

Take flight on the wings of a fairy guide, watch the elements sparkle and shine

Dance to the music of the wood nymph’s harp echoing through the night.

Step inside, step inside, enter this magical forest

Step inside, step inside & dance to a fairy chorus

Catch a glimpse of a one-horned steed shimmering into the night

Heal your soul...

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I saw the signs....

Six months ago, I was given a few signs that made it very clear on what’s next for me.  


But I wasn’t thrilled with what showed up.  Even so, I knew it was important for me to say YES to this invitation.


It all began when I was re-reading my breast cancer story I had shared in my facebook group 4 years ago.  It was a facinating story and reminded me of how powerful the experience was for me and my friends who journeyed with me.  I...

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Are you on the Path of Least Resistance?

I remember a time when I was following the “Path of Least Resistance."  

By following this path, it meant that anytime I experienced or felt any sort of resistance, I went the other direction.

I saw resistance as a sign that it wasn't for me.

What ended up happening was that I let my life be guided on a path that was bordered by resistance, which was becoming very restrictive.

Today I imagine it being like an ocean that get's funneled into a river, that then...

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Unicorn Wands + Rainbow Spoons

What I am about to share with you is something I usually keep secret.

One of my favorite things about retreats is to collect goodies for the retreat gifts.  Especially for the retreats people experience from home because I get to send magic in the mail!!

I love the mystery and the anticipation of something coming to support each person through their transformation.

In surrender, you have to be comfortable with, and maybe even delighted by the unknown with an openness to receive...

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emBODY Surrender Story

I find it hard to put into words what happens during my retreats, whether they are in person or online.

Both offer potent magic that even surprises me.

And unless you experience it for yourself, it's hard to believe what is possible or how powerful surrender can actually be.

That's why I asked Jo if she would be willing to share what happened for her, in her own words.

May you enjoy her story and receive new insights or awarenesses for yourself with a glimmer of what...

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I've surrendered everything but this...

I've have been living a life of surrender for years, with each year bringing new understanding, deeper trust, and devotion to this way of being.

Seeing how it's made such a difference to myself and those who experience retreats with me, I know without a doubt that it truly is the most powerful place to be.

I've surrendered ....

my marriage


my death

my business

my home

being seen

my relationships

my money



social media

my purpose

the pandemic

and even the current state...

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Higher Dimensional Purpose to Goals

Did you know there is a higher dimensional purpose to goals?

This is not what many of us have been taught.

Goals, from a higher dimension, have NOTHING to do with achieving them.

When I understood this it blew my mind, but I also felt a sense of complete relief.

Because what used to "work" for me no longer did.

My journey with goals has been an interesting one.  I used to love setting them, planning and strategizing.  Then after time of not achieving them or being...

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Surrender 3D and Play in 5D

We are being called to go even more within ourselves to dissolve and dismantle beliefs and stories that keep us plugged into the drama and division in the 3D consciousness all around us.

(Not sure what 3D consciousness is or simply want a refresher? I share more about that here.)


As healers, light workers, sensitive beings, it's been important for us to do the emotional and mental processing,  but now it's time to shift our attention.


It's time to surrender 3D and...

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Dare to Sparkle

I remember the moment I chose Sparkle as my word for the year.  

A word that would change my life.

I had been living in a co-housing community in Portland for a year or so and I was still trying to find my place there.

Even though we were a community, doing community things (meals, meetings, work parties, events, and meetings about meetings), I felt like there was something missing and we were not honoring or celebrating each other in a meaningful way.

I noticed that people's...

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Stop doing this with your money

Right now our property is covered with these gorgeous papery silver plants called Lunaria, also known as the silver dollar plant or money plant.

It is said that their plant medicine carries the energy of honesty, money, sincerity and prosperity.

In the spring they are purple flowers, and in the fall their seed pods turn into these delicate, translucent full moons.  

They are simply gorgeous and I am in awe of their transformation.

In the energy of the Lunaria, can we have an...

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