Are you on the Path of Least Resistance?

I remember a time when I was following the “Path of Least Resistance."  

By following this path, it meant that anytime I experienced or felt any sort of resistance, I went the other direction.

I saw resistance as a sign that it wasn't for me.

What ended up happening was that I let my life be guided on a path that was bordered by resistance, which was becoming very restrictive.

Today I imagine it being like an ocean that get's funneled into a river, that then gets funneled into stream and then into a creek.  Not only are the banks closer and closer together, the flow of water becomes more shallow with less and less options of where to flow.

This path made my life become smaller and smaller and it developed a pattern of resisting resistance.


This became so clear to me as I experienced a 6 month transformation program several years ago.  

At first I was resisting the entire organization with such fierceness that you wouldn’t have recognized me.  I was so angry, judgmental, and closed the entire 3 days that I wanted NOTHING to do with the organization or anyone who was involved with it. Once I took time and space to explore the resistance, I realized I was really resisting my own transformation.

That was a big eye opener to me because I feel like I have always been open to self-growth and expansion. But only if it felt comfortable and safe. Knowing this, I signed up for the next part of the training.  

Resistance still showed up, but not as much, so I signed up for the third and final part of the program.

Holy moly, this is where the resistance really surfaced! I could list all the reasons I was resisting it (it would be a very long list, which just shows you the level of resistance I had to it) but I would rather share what I learned about resistance and my current relationship to it.

In "The Untethered Soul,”  Michael Singer says “It’s not life’s events that are causing problems or stress. It is your resistance to life’s events that is causing this experience.” 

His simple answer is to stop resisting!

And I've found that to be true.

This is what I have been practicing ever since through surrender.

When I feel resistance, I notice it and then I breathe to relax so it has space to move through me.

I let it be here. 

I lean into it.

I give it space to go.

I let the clarity, the freedom, the spaciousness come in.

This is different than avoiding it like I had done before.

It's also VERY different from suffering through it, like many people do.

Or pushing past the resistance and fighting it which is also very common in our world today.

When I let myself BE with the resistance, all that is left is peace and my path widens.

And widens.

And widens some more.

I feel more expansive, more free, and my life is a lot more magical.


Instead of the Path of Least Resistance, I am now on the Path of NON-resistance. 


When we allow ourselves to be in the space of NON-resistance, we come to a very special place.  

It's the place where all the solutions live.

It's the place that deep peace lives.

It's the place where you can see life from a wider perspective.

This is where you access your INNER TRUTH.

And this is where the greater ease that I was looking for in the path of "least" resistance actually happens.

This is the same practice I've used to navigate breast cancer, the pandemic (there were lots of triggers for me here), and even into the day to day things like dishes, laundry, meal planning, cleaning or moving my body.

I can do the hard things. I can do the mundane things.  But from a very different energy now.


What's the big deal about resistance and why does this matter?

I just completed listening to 9 days of talks on "Sacred Science" ranging from topics on digestion, chronic pain, trauma, and cancer and in all the episodes STRESS is the ROOT contributor to illness --- mentally, emotionally and physically.


And one of the things that creates stress
is our resistance to what is.


I know the difference of non-resistance has made in my life and I want to see everyone with the capacity to be with what they are resisting in a more harmonious way.

What are you resisting in your life right now?

Do you notice the stress and tension it's creating?

Try what I mentioned above and if you feel like you'd love added support, I'm here to guide you.   Simply schedule a Peaceful Magic Session with me.

The Path of NON-resistance creates space for peace, expansion, and freedom.

I would be honored to teach you how to do this for yourself.

With peace, love and lots of magic,



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