2022 Blessings from Me & the Unicorns

 Always be yourself.

Trust your intuition.

There is magic inside you.

Sparkle wherever you go.

You are a miracle.

Love yourself.

It's time to play.

Live in wonder.

Reclaim your innocence.

Unleash your inner unicorn.

Share your magic.

Follow your bliss.


You are loved.

Let peace & magic wash over you.

Anything is possible.

May this year be
full of magic, miracles
and wonder.

✨ 🦄 

Join us for an upcoming retreat

Throughout the year I offer a few, select opportunities to a small group of women who are ready to experience more play, remember how magical they are, and truly come home to themselves.

All of my retreats are intimate, limited to eight or less women who are ready to master surrender and experience serendipity.

Retreats are either held over zoom or in person at our retreat space in Hood River Oregon.

Look to see if there is an Upcoming Retreat for you here.

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