Seeing Clearly in 2020


A few weeks before the world reacted to Covid19, I felt a deep, deep cellular longing to go off to be by myself for a year.

So when almost everything shut down, cancelled, and we were all sequestered to our homes, I had a huge sigh of relief.  

It felt like I could breathe again.

And I could finally be me and in my own energy.

There were many people I talked to who also felt the deep need to rest, reset, and space to be with themselves in a new way.  And each one of us wondered if we had something to do with causing the pandemic, half-joking and half-serious. 

I believe we tapped into and felt the deep longing from the earth and humanity.

As the year continues to unfold, I see a theme that surfaces over and over again.

Covid19 affects people’s respiratory system, uniquely causing hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the blood).

Then we were mandated to wear masks, covering our mouth and our nose.

George Floyd's dying words were “I can’t breathe,” igniting a much needed revolution.

And now I’m in Oregon, where the air quality is hazardous and a million acres of our forest are burning.  California has been experiencing this for weeks.  We are being forced to stay inside once again.   While thousands of people’s lives are affected, it’s not something the whole world is experiencing with us.  But we are losing large portions of our earth’s lungs.

I find it so fascinating that the common thread woven through all the major events so far have had to do with our lungs and breathing.  I realize there are more themes that can be highlighted, but this is one I don’t see anyone talking about.

As an Energy Medicine Yoga Teacher, I use the wisdom from Chinese Medicine that focuses on the energy of seasons, organs, elements and emotions to create harmony and balance in your being.

What we have been experiencing with every single one of these events has to do with our breath and our lungs for ourselves and the earth.


Lungs are said to carry the emotions of grief, sadness, loneliness, and guilt.  

Lungs are the organ that receives and releases breath.

Lungs are what connects us with life.


What we are seeing is our imbalance with life.

We are entering into the season of Autumn, which is also the season that governs the lung meridians (energy channels in our body), and the element of metal which governs the emotions of grief, sadness and loneliness.  

It is the season that also carries the energy of letting go and surrender.

During this time, I invite you to really let yourself BE with all the grief and loneliness you are experiencing in your personal life as well as what we are experiencing collectively.

We can’t deny these parts of us, but we also can’t stay stuck here either.

To balance this experience, we have to surrender.

Please know that healthy surrender is not giving up, or being passive or coming from victim energy.  

It’s actually a powerful choice and an active participation in life.

You can do this by choosing to let go of the stories, the pain in the grief, the suffering and allow yourself to come into a space of faith, receiving, and deep surrender.

For me, I know that surrender is the answer.  

Because it’s the way through.

And the place to hear the guidance from the universe and live a more magical life.

I have experienced this in my own life and I witness this in the women who come to my Surrender Adventure and Peaceful Magic retreats, over and over and over again.

And surrender is needed now more than ever.

I recognize that this is one of the most challenging lessons to master, but when you do it once and experience the freedom that is available on the other side, you will devote your life to living this way.

It’s the most profound practice you can do.

To support you in this theme and this time, I have a special gift for you from my Balance Your Being 30 day Energy Practice course.

It’s a short (15 minute) energy practice that helps move the energy of grief into the spaciousness of trust and surrender.  It will support you as you navigate this time in a gentle and profound way and get the energy moving through your breath and through your energy system.

May it bring inner peace, contentment, and balance in your being.

Let it BE. Let in GO. Let it IN.




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