Unicorn Wands + Rainbow Spoons

What I am about to share with you is something I usually keep secret.

One of my favorite things about retreats is to collect goodies for the retreat gifts.  Especially for the retreats people experience from home because I get to send magic in the mail!!

I love the mystery and the anticipation of something coming to support each person through their transformation.

In surrender, you have to be comfortable with, and maybe even delighted by the unknown with an openness to receive happy surprises so I usually keep the retreat kit items a secret.

But for some reason, this retreat feels different to me.  

Not only am I getting more information ahead of time, it feels like it wants me to share more about what it is and what’s happening inside it with you.

Maybe it's so you can benefit from it even if you are not able to join us.

So far, the Unicorn Love Retreat Kit is full of things to be with our body in a new, energetic way.

And while I don't know everything that is included yet, I am excited to offer a sneak peak to the Unicorn Wand and a Rainbow Spoon!


Why a Unicorn Wand & Rainbow Spoon?

The Unicorn Wand is made of Selenite, which is my all time favorite crystal.  It is used for clearing and cleansing your auric field, your space and other crystals. Not only is it a self-cleansing stone, it is one that offers you connection to your higher self.  It calms your mind and your heart.  After holding it in my hands for a few moments, I can feel the calmness and connection wash over me.  It is also a stone associated with Unicorns.

In the retreat, I will share ways you can use your Unicorn wand, especially for your auric field.  We will focus on our energetic body because everything begins here and then comes into physical form.  

The Rainbow Spoon is a stainless steel spoon to rub on the bottom of your feet.  This helps balance the body’s electrical charge, just like walking on the earth does.  When you do this you will feel more grounded and and be more connected to the earth which helps with making better decisions.  Spooning on your feet is great everyday, or after you’ve been around electronics all day and even when you travel to different time zones. 


Now you have two fun ways you can bring more energy and magic into your experience with Unicorn Love for your body.

And if you decide to join us for the upcoming retreat, I promise there are more magical surprises for you. 😘  Plus each retreat is different!

With peace, love and lots of magic!



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