Are You Pushing or Being Pulled?

Uncategorized May 17, 2019

Until I sit down, my mind and heart are filled with all things I want us to talk about.  I want to see you in the seat on the other side of the table entering into deep conversation about all the yummy topics that we as healers long to have.

And then I sit down with the computer and have to pretend you are here with me and my mind goes blank. I know I have so much to share, so many questions to ask you, and a longing to hear what’s going on in your world.

That’s one reason I LOVE in person connections, phone calls, and retreats.  

Until that happens for us, writing letters to you will have to do.

Today, I would love us to explore what is pulling you and the importance of listening to what is calling you forward.

So much of the world is about “getting rid of” or “fixing” or “moving away from.” 

I’ve been taught in the business world that people are more likely to say yes to something that promises them to get...

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The Rules of Energy

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2019

As a healer, I'm sure you have heard ENERGY is EVERYTHING.  

That's probably why so many of us are drawn to this healing work, even if we are not fully conscious of it or fully understand it.

I have studied energy through the law of attraction, healing touch, reiki, energy medicine, yoga, meditation, essential oils, brain rewiring and through my own life experience.

Through all of this, I have come to realize that our job is to align our energy with ourselves and our divine selves. 

Then we can rest in the openness of the unknown with more trust and an openness to receive what wants to show up.  

We live with more delight and wonder.

Unfortunately most of us are scattered, living on a roller coaster of emotions, or with our head in the sand avoiding the dark places that seem scary.  (I've been there, too!)

Because of this, we think we want our lives to be predictable and  desperately hold on tight thinking we are in control.  


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Let Go of this ONE thing to experience PEACE.

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2019

If you are like me, you hear the term "letting go" an awful lot.  

It gets thrown around in yoga class, spiritual talks and books.  (I know I've certainly done this!)

But what are we actually letting go of?

For some it feels like a death in letting go of a job or business, a relationship, a feeling, or even a belief.

These can be terrifiying to let go of and often happen as we go kicking and screaming inside.  

NO! I don't want to let go of this!!

But the ONLY thing that really has to be let go of is something so subtle yet so profound that will change everything.  

After you let go of what I am about to share with you, you will realize it actually has nothing to do with what you think you have to let go of.

And if it is, then it goes with more grace and more ease.

It's no longer scary.

Are you ready to know what the one thing is?

Drum Roll....

It's letting go of RESISTANCE.

That's it!

When we resist, we create tension...

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Play is Your Natural State

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2019

Play is more than the light, fluffy, feel good experiences that can seem frivolous.

It actually helps with healing, prosperity, and moving through barriers so you can experience the magic we are all longing for, yet we think it can only happen after the "real" work is done.

Some even feel that play is a dangerous distraction and keep them from their responsibilities. 

That's why Cathleen and I feel strongly about giving you a better understanding about play and how you can bring it into your life vs staying stuck in pain and struggle.

Because play is your natural state!

 It takes courage to say yes to rest and play
in a culture when exhaustion is seen as a status symbol." ~Brene' Brown

Enjoy the conversation in the video with other healers, like yourself and learn more about play and find ways to bring it back into your life. 

This is what we talked about...

Redefining and opening up what play really is.

Why play is not available when we are...

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How lonely are you?

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2018


When you said yes to the path of a healer, an entrepreneur, and a magical being did you realize how lonely it could be?

I had no clue what I signed up for!


It’s like being a unicorn in a field of horses.

And I didn’t even realize this was happening when I was in it. This feeling was masked by me being super busy meeting lots of people, going to tons of networking events, having sessions with clients, and focusing my energy on marketing, taking lots of trainings to grow my business. 

When this "loneliness" became clear was when I became a yoga teacher. I had longed to be part of a larger spiritual community with more purpose.  

As a teacher, there was only a few minutes between classes to connect with the other teachers when we checked in students.  And then once I was teaching a class, I was the only one talking while everyone was in their own space.  After class I’d get a thank you but people moved on with their day and I...

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What element are you?

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2018

Each of us has a primary element that is the lens of how we operate in the world.

Water - Wood - Fire - Earth - Metal

For example, those of us who are strong in the Earth element tend to be the peacemaker, the caretaker, the teacher, the nurturer, etc.. And we LOVE the Earth.

We also hold the space of calm during transitions.

This all sounds pretty great, but when this element is out of balance it looks like over compassion, worry, enabling, and taking responsibility for others, We tend to give more of ourselves to other people before we give to ourselves.

You may be an Earth if you want everyone to be happy. You want to please others. You have a need to make everyone feel comfortable.

Does this sound like you?

This is me. And I've been doing a lot to learn how to deliberately work with my energy so I am a balanced earth.

While I have come a LONG way, my imbalances creep in from time to time.

Here's an example of how it showed up on our backpacking trip this...

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Let yourself have want you really want.

How good are you at letting yourself want what you want?

I'm talking about what you REALLY, REALLY want?

Not what is safe to want. 

Or what you think you "should" want.

Sometimes that seems confusing and sticky, doesn't it?

I mean, is it okay to ask for what you want?

Does it seem like you are being ungrateful for what you have if you want more, or something different?

Oh, and what about if you have NO idea how to get it?  Do you still let yourself want it?

What if other people don't think it's possible?

And how can you possibility let yourself thrive and expand when so many people are struggling and suffering?

We've been programed to believe that if I want something then it somehow takes away from someone else.

What if you want... leave your current job and begin your healing practice? move into a different home? only do a specific kind of healing? be in partnership? be a mom? have a specific car?

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Chocolate Covered Poo

Uncategorized Oct 10, 2018
Would you like some chocolate covered poo?  
What if we added sprinkles on top?
I bet your immediate answer is: NO WAY!! That’s gross.
But you know what?
You are probably serving yourself this “treat” more often than you think.
Chocolate = Positive thinking
Poo = Unresolved emotions and beliefs
Sprinkles = “Self-care”
One of the common things that is coming through my talks with healers is our undeniable commitment to “Talking and Thinking Positive.”
We work so hard to catch our thoughts and our words.
It doesn’t feel good to see what’s not working.
We are afraid to go there because then we are creating what we don’t want.
All the experts say to THINK POSITIVE.
And yes, there is a place for it.
Our thoughts are powerful.
But not so much when it is the chocolate that is covering...
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Peekaboo... I see you.

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2018

Even though you are hiding. I still see you.

As healers, we are being pulled to be more, step into our power, and be a bright light.

But it scares the bejeezus out of us.

And we hide. Thinking this will keep us safe.

But in reality, it stunts our growth. It dims our light.

And it becomes more and more painful because we are not honoring who we are and the gifts we are here to share.

It feels like a part of us is dying.

We may even get sick in our physical bodies with an illness or an injury.

It's time to stop hurting yourself.

It's time to stop hiding.

There are lots of ways healers hide. Here are three:


This is HUGE!

When I was under earning, I justified this because I wanted to make sure I was accessible to everyone. But in REALITY, what was underneath all of that is that if I charged more, that meant I had to show up differently. Bigger. Brighter.

Blaming or acquiescing to spouses/partners

I see this ALL the time. (And I did a fair share of it myself over the...

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How do you energetically protect yourself?

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2018

That's kind of a trick question. 

In the healing world, this is a pretty common practice of shielding ourselves from outside influences.

* Creating bubbles around ourselves.

* Standing in firm boundaries.

* Avoiding negative people.

* Using crystals and essential oils to help do the protection for us.

All these things are great, but....

The TRUTH is that protecting yourself is one of the WORST things you can do to yourself.

It's actually one of the biggest culprits that makes you exhausted and drained.

It's also what keeps you small from really showing up in your life.

AND it actually keeps you unsafe, the very opposite of what you want it to do.

I was interviewed a few days ago by an incredible healer for mom's. She's actually in the Peaceful Magic Facebook Group with us. Cynthia and I had a wonderful talk about this topic and I wanted to share it with you.


After you listen, and you are ready to STOP PROTECTING yourself, but you don't know what to do...

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