Being with Breast Cancer

As Your Mystical Initiation

If you have been ushered into the world of breast cancer and you want to approach your experience in a higher dimensional way, this is the perfect time to give yourself the gift of a 4 day online guided retreat at home so you can listen to YOUR inner knowing and BE with Breast Cancer as a portal into possibilities. 


March 17 - 20, 2022

Full Moon 

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Have you been swept away in the overwhelming amount of information, statistics, research, doctor appointments, urgency, intense self-care regimens and lifestyle changes since being diagnosed with breast cancer?

All this on top of the fear, shock and all the other emotions that you and your family are also experiencing.

If you are here, I have a sense your inner voice is asking you to slow down to process the news, to listen to your guidance to make big decisions, and to do the deeper, emotional and energetic healing work that is available for you now.


This retreat offers you a powerful pause, the space to stabilize yourself, and expand your capacity to respond to your life and your breast cancer experience in a  peaceful and magical way.


It's an invitation to get to know yourself so well that you don't fear the unknown or your own power.

The possibility of being emotionally secure and realize your own inner harmony is here.

There is no need to fight and no need to be in fear. 

Breast Cancer is an invitation to see what needs to be healed.

Let this be a mystical initiation for yourself.


Are you willing to BE with breast cancer this way? 

Because if you are, this is possible for you...

BE Clean & Clear

Release ALL fear so you can make clean and clear decisions.

Get to know and trust
your Inner MD.

Use this as an opportunity for deeper healing and experience emotional freedom!

Get clear about how others can support you.

BE Powerful

Choose the energy of YOUR experience that goes beyond fighting, fear, urgency, and other people's projections.

Share your experience with people in your life that is empowering for you and for them.

Stop seeking outside yourself for all the answers.

Ask for what you need.

BE Open

Hear the message breast cancer is here to give you.

RECEIVE in a way you never let yourself before.

Let this be an adventure and your own unique, empowering experience.

Be OPEN to miracles and magic.


I'm here with you.

Hi. I'm Marlo.  I want you to know that I've been where you are now.  I was was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2017.  While I would never wish this upon anyone, I am forever grateful for what the experience offered me.

It was my initiation into deeper trust, knowing and following my inner truth.  It also opened me up to the higher dimensions and the realms of magic.

I know once we have been given the diagnosis there is a surge of momentum, urgency and overwhelming amount of information and emotions to navigate through.  And being a sensitive being, I could feel all the fear and projections that the "c" word carries with those who love me and in the collective.  And it's so easy to stay stuck in this 3D experience of breast cancer.

That's why I have a special invitation for you to give yourself space to hear yourself and your inner wisdom and do the higher dimensional healing, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. 

I'm a transformational retreat leader and I had just completed a retreat when I heard the news of my diagnosis.

I know it is because I gave myself time and space to BE with breast cancer that allowed me to navigate it in a really special and unique way -- without fighting it.

Because I know the power of my transformational retreats and my unique approach to life and breast cancer, it made sense to create a safe container for you to hear your inner knowing and embody the energy you want to carry with you.  Plus, I couldn't ignore all the signs from the Universe that it was time to bring this out into the world. 

This is a Retreat at Home, meaning you get to do it in your own space while we meet via zoom. I will be there along the way offering gentle guidance, loving support and higher dimensional healing.

Whether you decide to do this retreat with me or not, my wish for you is to be in your experience with so much peace, grace, and magic.

Let breast cancer be your mystical invitation and activation.

From my heart to yours,

~ Marlo


Our Retreat Schedule


Thursday, March 17 -- 5:00 pm to 8:00 Pacific Time,
with the day to prepare for your experience.

Friday, March 18 -- 5:00 pm to 8:00 Pacific Time
with the day to apply what you learned, be unplugged and play with other suggested retreat ideas.

Saturday, March 19 -- 9:00 - 12:00 PT,
with the afternoon and evening to apply what you learned and be unplugged and other suggested ideas.

Sunday, March 20 -- 9:00 - 12:00 PT,
with the afternoon and evening to fully integrate and rest.

What's included in your retreat.

  • Peaceful Magic Retreat Kit full of goodies will be physically mailed to you.
  • Guidance on how to prepare your space for a retreat.
  • Playful ways to include your family so they benefit, too.
  • Free Access to Balance Your Being Program - 30 days of energy medicine practices to awaken your self-healing powers.
  • 4 days of a retreat container for personalized activation and being unplugged from technology (except for our sessions.)
  • 1 Private Session with Me before, during or after the retreat.  This can be used to help you prepare for your retreat, offer support during the retreat, or integrating your retreat into your day to day.
  • Small intimate group with up to 8 other magical beings who are navigating breast cancer.
  • 4 group sessions over zoom
  • Guided energy practices you can do over and over again as needed.
  • Easy, 100% plant-based and YUMMY retreat meal recipes that people love when they come to an in-person retreat.
  • Activation with Unicorn energy.
  • Private Membership Site to access all the resources, free from facebook.
  • Plus delightful surprises along the way.

Take a peek at the guided energy practices inside the retreat...

One of the most helpful self-healing practices I used in my own breast cancer journey is Energy Medicine Yoga.  It helped me see all my emotions as energy. EMY is an integrative yoga practice accessible to students of all levels. The practice includes asana poses, breathwork, meditation and Energy Medicine techniques such as acupressure holds, Neurolymphatic Reflex self-massage (a unique and powerful way of working with and clearing your lymphatic system), and energy channel clearings. EMYOGA will help unlock the language of your body to amplify your healing power – mind, body, and spirit. The result is a deep love, appreciation and acceptance of yourself just as you are now, as you continue on a path toward your best self.

Unicorns are high-vibrational beings of light who offer pure healing while encouraging us to stand in self-mastery and live to our highest potential.

They love to help with bigger-picture, soul-purpose issues in our lives.

Unicorns will steer you back onto your path of magic whenever you veer off into doubt, unworthiness or feel judged for believing in the invisible realms.

Unicorns love to remind us of our own magic and rejoice when we reconnect with childlike wonder, start getting excited about infinite possibilities and believe whole-heartedly in miracles.

They remind us that the "impossible" can actually be easy when you surrender, step aside and trust the magic of the Universe.

Aroma Freedom is another powerful self-healing tool. It identifies & releases negative thoughts, feelings & memories that interfere with reaching our goals & dreams. Aroma Freedom is meant to be used as a way to set a person’s emotional energy flowing in a positive direction, towards growth & expansion rather than contracting in fear, doubt & paralysis. It uses Young Living essential oils to trigger a permanent shift in how we view ourselves, cancer & the world.

TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) combines holding acupressure points on your head and going through a series of statements (The Steps of TAT). The statements include an intention for safe and easy healing and a series of 9 steps created to help you de-identify with traumas, emotions and beliefs that have been affecting you since the moment they happened. The healing typically results in better mental, emotional and physical health.

Give yourself the gift of this Mystical Initiation.

This retreat is designed to hold you, to nurture you, and to give you the space you need to uncover and hear your Inner Truth and know exactly how to navigate breast cancer in a peaceful and powerful way.

Register for Retreat - $444

What my friends shared about my cancer experience...

You are walking this path with such grace, clarity and beauty, Marlo. Not an easy path...Thanks for sharing.

Wow. Thank you for sharing. You are carving your own brave beautiful path. When I read this, I just couldn't help thinking that you are still educating and loving us all in spite of the challenges you are facing. Love to you my sparkly friend!

Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us. I love how you’re so connected to your inner voice. Not only that, but you trust it. Sending so much love!

I love the way you have tuned in more deeply to your body's wisdom and healing abilities.

I am so inspired by your strength and courage as you go down this path. It is that conviction that makes it so easy to support you in your journey. 

I am so moved by how you have approached and moved through this. You will be a blessing to others who are going through a similar journey. Love to you!

I see you supporting women diagnosed with breast cancer. You will be fantastic in holding space for them and helping them tell their own story! 

This is possible for you, too. 

Why a retreat at home?

A retreat at home offers a really special gift.   It allows you to have a real life immersion where you can apply what you learn and witness the energetic shifts in the moment in a supportive and sacred container. 

Being in the comfort of your own home can really prepare you to be peaceful and magical anywhere.

You will also be able to continue your health protocols and attend your appointments as needed during  the retreat.

This is an invitation to create a new energy vortex in your living space supporting everyone who lives with you.

And even though I am a BIG advocate of in person retreats, knowing you can experience an inner transformation without leaving your home is really powerful.

Questions? Feel free to connect with me. I'll respond to you personally.